In this day and age, every person is a small brand.

We can either let the image form on its own or take control over the process. It goes without saying the second scenario is leagues ahead of the first one.

Namely, developing a personal brand identity can give you a powerful edge in the job market. It’s a chance to set yourself apart and supercharge your career growth and development.

The only problem is many people don’t even know where to start. They struggle to identify components that can act as building blocks for a personal brand.

Well, there’s no need to fret because we’re here to guide and inform your efforts. Read on to get your comprehensive roadmap and execute personal branding like a pro.

Personal Branding 1:1

Creating a personal brand takes a great deal of time, effort, and forethought.

We know this asset may seem intangible and elusive. Many people disregard it as little more than a buzzword. They’re confused because one can’t rely on corporate offices, logos, products, and services.

Yet, the power of a personal brand is real and anchored in very concrete elements.

And no, we’re not talking about just resumes and cover letters. There’s only so much information you can fit in there. It’s high time you take a broader, holistic approach.

First off, recognize that a personal brand corresponds to your reputation. It echoes your overall story and all messages/content pieces that pertain to you as a professional. It enables you to pierce through the noise in the job market and arrest the attention of people who matter.

Your identity as a professional is the heart and soul of the whole endeavor.

You need to make your passions, skills, interests, achievements, and competencies shine through. Still, it’s important to underline that personal branding is more than blatant self-promotion. If you don’t want to end up at the bottom of the pile, you need to do much more than brag about how great you are.

The Cornerstones of Personal Brand Identity

We all leave an online footprint with our online activities.

And you can rest assured hiring managers do their homework when assessing candidates. At the very least, they do a quick Google search to see what pops up.

This is to say you have to focus on your prime digital real estate:

  • Social media profiles
  • Personal blog
  • Website/portfolio pages
  • Any online content relating to you

The goal is to ensure information is accessible and conveys a positive impression. There’s a host of tactics and tricks you can employ to pull this off.

A good place to start is a couple of simple and straightforward sentences. Think about who you are and what you stand for, as well as what your career goals and priorities are. Emphasize all aspects of your experience and talents that make you authentic.

This kind of introspection will serve as a foundation for the narrative you’re building.

Speaking of which, put together a killer branding/summary statement and include it in all social media bios. A tagline is another handy tool for communicating why you do what you do. It can hook people right away.

Sowing the Seeds of Success

Moving on, you have to tackle the task of brushing up your online resources.

Make sure your profile photo is professional-looking and of high-quality. Use the same one on all networks for brand consistency. Delete any embarrassing photos from way back.

Likewise, do away with provocative and politically-charged tweets. When posting, refrain from dry corporate speech. Show off your personality and cover a hot topic from a unique angle.

Let others relate to you on a meaningful, personal level.

Furthermore, check if all online information is accurate and up-to-date. Feel free to announce your upcoming projects, work, and events too.

When spring cleaning is done, there’s one more thing to do— ensure others can see you.

One amazing strategy to ponder is networking. A vast web of personal connections allows you to attract people instead of having to reach out. LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are all good networking vehicles.

They can elevate your candidacy and take online visibility to the next level.

Just see to it all your digital property tells a consistent story about you. Al those different channels should come together seamlessly. No need to send mixed signals and confuse potential employers.

Applying the Finishing Touches

Once that is sorted out, you can finally go into the job application stage.

But, the work isn’t yet done. You need to make a rock-solid case for yourself and show exactly what you bring to the table.

In other words, create a polished resume and perfectly-tailored cover letter. The next crucial step is to weave your personal brand into them. This is where many job hunters falter.

To avoid this, you can use tools like Jobscan. They pull keywords from the job postings and let you integrate them into a resume/cover letter easily. It’s possible to use these insights to modify your branding statement as well.

Finally, sort out your other career documents and upload them online. Double-check everything before hitting that “submit application” button. You can reduce PDF file size of job application materials.

Small adjustments like these can make a big difference in the eyes of employers.

With that in mind, get out there. Wow recruiters and hiring managers and provide them with a deeper, well-rounded understanding and what you’re capable of. You will overshadow candidates with similar qualifications and fulfill your professional dreams.

The Hunt Is On!     

Coherent personal brand identity is your business super-weapon.

To maximize it, you have to be proactive and laser-focused about it. The main goal is to define your brand before you let is start defining you.

So, kick things off by cleaning and sprucing up your online property.  Emit coherent messages and make good use of visuals. Overhaul your profiles and turn your networking efforts up a notch.

Leverage digital platforms to project your intention and worth far and wide. Be bold, concise, purpose-driven, and authentic. Affirm your credibility and play to your strengths.

With some practice, you’ll get personal branding to fine art and make it less time-consuming.

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