Don’t go buying all those stories about a solo holiday, not being a scary experience for newbie travelers. Everybody gets cold feet — trust us.

What if you do not meet anyone and are completely alone?

What if some unforeseen problem occurs, and you have nobody to turn to for help and support? What if your backpack, your valuables or your passport get stolen? What if you are suddenly homesick and want to break off your journey?

It’s perfectly OK for you to have such apprehensions. The thing is, no one, including hardcore travelers whose blogs you’re so fond of reading, was born to travel alone.

We all start small, and today we’ll let you know about some of the easiest ways to travel alone.


I do not just mean a beautiful place with great sights.

It’s a destination that makes it easy for you to really enjoy solo trips. Traveling to a country where is no cell network and supermarkets provide only bare necessities may not be the best idea.

It’s not until you’ve overcome the hurdle of the first journey, you can venture to a more challenging destination.

For your first solo trip, we advise you to go to Spain, Italy, or France. They’re ideal for newbie travelers and can provide you with unforgettable memories.


Not being able to speak your mother tongue can be pretty hard.

Even if you somehow adjust yourself to a completely new language, it is still a significant challenge.

There are plenty of English-speaking countries that are worth going to. Traveling there is easy and is guaranteed to provide you with an incredible experience.

New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK (you do not always have to travel halfway across the world these days, you know) are just some of the few destinations you can go to on your first solo trip.

You can also visit Scotland’s Highlands, the coast of Ireland, or Australia’s Wallaman Falls.


I’m not saying that you need to plan your entire journey down to the smallest detail, because who knows, maybe you’re the born traveler, and after the first few days on the road you’d rather be spontaneous and unattached.

Book a nice place to stay for the first few nights, find out how to get there from the airport, and then let yourself be carried away by what you find there.

If you are very unsure, book your accommodation only for the first week. After you get there, you’ll be able to get your bearings and plan for other things.

Ideal for the first time solo trips: why not even go to the planning vice versa? Find yourself a particular hostel, for example, in Bali or a tent in the trees and let it decide where to go!

Another good point to consider in advance is managing all your issues while traveling. For example, if you’re a student with a list of assignments to prepare, you can visit websites like to get prompt college support.


Where is it easier to cope with problems if not in a city full of people? My first trips, when I was testing solo travel for myself, were short city trips.

You can easily become one of the solo travels and return home after a few days — ideal for testing the water in the huge pool of tourist possibilities.

Grab a city guide and explore the city on your own.

Also, booking your accommodation beforehand can help you avoid feeling lonely in an unknown city.

Did you always want to visit major European metropolises? How about flying to Rome, Paris or Barcelona for a weekend? Prague can also be a good destination if you plan to save a little money.


Have you ever dreamt of learning something completely new? Of course, you’ll get to learn the language but how about surfing, climbing or cooking classes?

You can travel alone and learn some cool things. You’ll also get to know other travelers in the process! Or, you can pick up a new skill. How about taking a photography course and bringing home a whole bunch of fantastic photos? Try going to Portugal for a language course, Thailand — for a cooking class, and Spain for a course in climbing.


Still, lack the courage for your solo travel? Why not go on a group trip then?

So, you can at least improve your skills in making contacts and finally reach your desired goals if no one of your friends has time or desire.

My acquaintance regularly travels alone because her husband does not share her travel passion. She even went to Japan with a group of people and had a hell of a good time!