Many families are already in full swing planning and booking this year’s summer vacation, so if you are to succeed in staying in exactly the hotel you dream of, you should start now. Here are our top tips in the pursuit of a successful sunny holiday with children.

1. Vacation and family council

From time to time, it is fair and reasonable that all family members may participate in deciding where to go. At least a little. Gather the family for a council! When the whole family has a say in the team, and you decide on a destination together, even the smallest details are considered, and that is the very foundation for a successful holiday!

2. Where and when is your departure?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When, where, and how should we travel on holiday?
  • What kind of vacation do we want?
  • How long are we able to travel?

The number of flight hours can also impact on which country you should consider going to.

Do you have to travel during the school holidays when prices are at its highest, or can you postpone the trip? Such aspects as the hotel and airfares, as well as the number of tourists at the holiday resort, can make a difference. Do you want to travel on a charter trip with all-inclusive to Greece, or would you go on a regular flight and rent an apartment via Airbnb in Croatia instead? All families have different thoughts, dreams, and finances, so choose the one that suits you best.

3. Which countries are family favorites?

Many families with children plan the sun holiday to Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey. Greece and Spain frequently are at the top of their list with their child-friendly hotels and shallow beaches.

Unfortunately, Turkey has declined in popularity, and Croatia has popped up as a challenger. Several charter companies now offer hotels in this charming country with crystal clear waters, and it is worth considering if you are looking for something different. Bulgaria is a slightly more affordable alternative with shallow beaches and good prices for food, drinks, and facilities.

4. Good planning

Good planning is the core of a successful sunny holiday with children, and that is half the pleasure of traveling. Not everyone will agree with the second statement, but it definitely makes you familiar with the place you are going to and the culture you can explore. Maybe you can watch a movie or read a book about that country? There are many tips to be gained by reading blogs or following Instagram profiles that can give you insides on where to eat and drink, what to see, and where to relax. The better research and planning you have, the fewer mistakes and tourist traps you go on.

5. Charter?

There are both advantages and disadvantages associated with what kind of holiday you choose. Many consider charters simple, safe, and practical when traveling with children. The advantage of charter holidays is the fact that it includes transport to and from the airport, and that it is family-friendly and well organized for both large and small at the hotel.

Many hotels and resorts also have facilities such as activity clubs for children and young people and training and excursions for adults. Some hotels also offer all-inclusive, which means that all food and beverages are included during the stay. Unlimited access to soft drinks and ice cream can, of course, be a challenge, but children will probably love it. Check with big charter companies like Ving, TUI, and Apollo for tips and inspiration. There, plenty of travel experts work to help you with the information you need.

6. Or not charter?

If you are a more experienced adventurer, there may be several benefits to traveling on your own. This way, you have more freedom and flexibility concerning how you want to stay somewhere. By renting a car, you are also free to travel around on your own and experience places and people you might miss by taking a charter holiday. Forgotten beaches and secret restaurants, for example. The most important thing is that the children have enough time to play wherever they want, and the adults have time to read a little or even take a nap.

7. The list

Whether you choose charter or not, a suitcase or backpack is a must. A successful sun holiday with children is also about what you remember to pack with you. Forgetting a favorite toy or dress at home is not for good, so plan the packing well.

Make a packing list for each family member and stick them on the refrigerator or share it digitally so that everyone takes responsibility for filling the list with what is needed. Here, you can include getting some free college essays examples for your child to prepare for school while traveling.

It is an art to pack both light and practical when going on a family vacation, but remember: frequently, we use only half of what is packed in our suitcase.

Things to pack if you’re going on vacation with children:

  • Change of clothes based on the length of the holiday and climate of the destination country.
  • Diapers, both regular and bath, as well as wipes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat/cap
  • Mosquito spray
  • Mosquito nets
  • Cleanser
  • First aid kit with a thermometer, Paracetamol, patches, and Aloe Vera cream

Also, don’t forget to bring a small “survival kit” for the flight! Pack a bag of extra clothes, books, games, toys, food, and drink, and you will be a success on the flight. Biscuits, raisins, and tablets can help with most things.

Packing tips for adults

There is no point in bringing clothes you think you will be wearing or clothes that are too warm. A good tip is to bring clothes in colors that can be combined well, and that can be used for everyday and special occasions. Simple, classic clothes and comfortable shoes or sandals always work, and if suddenly there is a need to dress up? Then, a white shirt or lipstick will do the trick.

8. Sights

It can be challenging to make the whole family happy, and many families plan to have some adult days and a few children’s days during the holidays. It might be easier to spend a day at the water park or the zoo when you, as an adult, know that a day in the old town or museum is waiting. It might also be an idea to split the vacation up so that mom gets a day for shopping while dad stays with the kids. But remember that traveling with children is just a holiday, so don’t overburden the program. There should be time to swim, cuddle, play, eat ice cream, and be spontaneous.

9. Shallow beaches and fun pools

If you are planning holidays in a place where there are opportunities to swim and play in the water, then you are doing yourself a favor. Many travel enthusiasts agree on one thing: as long as children have access to play, whether it is on the beach or in a pool, you can relax. But remember to have a “lifeguard” — an adult should always keep an eye out for children.