SEO Questions For Local Search Engine Optimization Company
SEO Questions For Local Search Engine Optimization Company

The New Year is almost here, and business owners who haven’t yet hired SEO Services of a capable agency are already two steps behind. Not doing so could lead to the stagnation of your business! The best place for your website to be is on the top page of Google. Because it remains one of the most popular search engines that your customers will use to find your business. However, it is not just optimizing for a particular browser, and that’s it. First, you will have to understand your position and set a starting point for your brand. So, should you focus on off-site or on-site SEO? Is it time to build a backlink profile? Will local SEO services meet your specific needs?

The first thing that you need is a well thought out SEO strategy. Sure, you can attempt SEO on your own, but we’d recommend getting the help of an expert, i.e., if you want results – and fast!

Say, you decide to hire an SEO agency. What qualities should it have? Our quick guide presents you with a list of seven questions to ask a potential candidate before hiring them. Along with the questions, we also mention why the metrics listed below are so important.

Question: What is your reporting process?

A credible SEO agency will send you to progress reports at least on a monthly basis. The more time-sensitive and critically important a task is, the more frequently they should be reporting to you. What makes a reporting structure so important? For one, it lets you know that the SEO agency you put your trust in is making progress. Secondly, it provides you with a clear picture of the kind of headway they are making on the project.

Once you know the frequency and the schedule of the reports, you can determine what kind of information will be sent your way. Ideally, it should have the following details:

  • A summarized list of activities performed on a daily/weekly basis, such as sending emails, Meta optimization, content creation, etc.
  • Metrics for key keywords, dwell time, and bounce rate
  • Primary keywords and how they are ranked in search
  • Current and improved conversion rate

Question: How will you improve the search engine rankings?

The short answer is by implementing a serious SEO strategy. That includes determining valuable keywords and building viable links for results that are long-lasting and not random. Sporadic keywords and links do not result in consistent traffic increases.

Thus, a good SEO agency knows the importance of having a process. They stick to it and get you results. Prepared to get an answer that sounds something like Our first area of focus for quick wins would be an on-site technical SEO audit. Once that is done, we’ll be identifying the best keywords. This is a completely acceptable answer and shows the SEO company knows what they are doing!

Question: How will you create backlinks?

Backlinks haven’t just been important to search engine algorithms in the past. They are still relevant and are an asset employed by white hat SEO experts. They refer to creating links to your website and improving its rankings.

However, not just any backlinks would do. In fact, a good link might cost you as much as $20, but it will be worth more than a whole bunch of $5-10 low-quality backlinks. Credible SEO agencies know that your website’s ranking will suffer from spam links.

Question: How will you measure the success of your SEO campaigns?

A good SEO company will have ways of measuring the improvement their activities herald in for your website. One way of measuring the success of an SEO campaign is by tracking website traffic. Most players in the SEO industry use Google analytics as a tool to measure the improvement in your website’s rankings.

Question: Will you be doing any on-site optimization?

As mentioned before, on-site optimization can result in quick wins. An SEO company worth the money you are spending on them would know that. They’d also be aware of the extent to which user experience matters when it comes to websites. This is especially true for Google. The search engine takes into account how long people stay on your site for or if it is plagued by a high bounce rate.

Since SEO is a work in process, a capable SEO team will look for ways to improve any and all pages on your websites. Most of them will use Google Analytics to determine which of the pages have the highest bounce rate. After finding that out, they will do on-site optimization on those pages for improvement.

Question: How can we contact you?

Clients working with reputable SEO companies will tell you how easy it is to contact the representative assigned to their project. If an agency won’t delegate your project to just one team or an expert, it is better that you look elsewhere. Any SEO firm that gives their clients a run-around instead of being forthcoming about this detail should be suspect! After all, you might have questions that need answering or problems at any time. You should be able to contact them whenever you need to.

Seo, Analysis Online, The Community ManagerQuestion: Will you show me your portfolio and the feedback from existing and previous clients?

It is completely okay that the SEO agency won’t disclose everything about previous projects. You wouldn’t expect them to do so if it were your project someone wanted to see. However, you can assume that they will have the best examples up for you to view.

By looking through their portfolio, you can get an idea about the kind of projects they have experience working on. Consequently, you will know if they can do the same for your project or not!

The feedback will provide you with clues on how the firm handles its clients. Do they go out of their way for their clients? Do they coast on doing the bare minimum? Knowing that will help you decide if you should hire them or not.

Hiring the wrong SEO company could do you more harm than it does you good! You might never see the promised results or never rank on Google. They might be wasting your resources by building low-quality links, and your website would be paying the penalty for it. Alternatively, they could be working without a concrete plan. I any case, the result won’t be what you expect it to be. Therefore, hire only the best!

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