The wallet is a bag used for keeping your bills and coins, credit cards, and ATM cards. So, if it is torn and looks old, you definitely should buy a new one. Or maybe someone you know is having a worn-out wallet and you are thinking of buying one for that person as a gift. Anyway, choosing the right wallet is important. If it isn’t suitable, you would think of spending the extra money to buy another one. To avoid wasting money, make sure you choose it right for the first time. The following are 7 tips on how to find the right wallet.

Set a Budget

First, you must set a budget for the wallet. If you have no money, you can choose a wallet that is shipped from China. They cost around $5 or more. Those who have a bigger budget will want to consider a higher quality wallet from a well-known brand. Branded wallets cost around $60 or more. When deciding a budget, also consider whether you will be buying it online or at a local store. You can set a lower budget if you buy online at an online store like Comme des Garçons Wallets Wallets at ITK online store. If you are buying at a local store, the price will be higher as people usually buy from online and then mark up to earn a profit.

Type of Wallet

You have to decide the type of wallet you want to carry. The bifold wallet is the most common type of men wallet. It is compact but roomy enough to store your money and cards. The bifold wallet is suitable for people who wear jeans. It usually does not have a coin purse. so you may want to buy a separate coin pouch for storing your coins. Trifold wallet have more slots for putting card – they can have 6 – 10 slots. It can have two compartments for putting paper notes and an integrated coin pocket for storing coins. The trifold wallet is a little heavier compared to the bifold wallet.

The accordion wallet looks like an accordion when you open it. This type of wallet can be used to store a lot of things, and it also has a zipper closure to secure your items. The downside is that it is thicker than the bifold and trifold wallet and can cause your trousers pocket to tear if you put in too many things. This type of wallet has a vintage style and is outdated at the moment. A breast pocket wallet also called a check wallet, is a long wallet that is designed to be carried on the hand. It has long slots for storing checkbook and multiple card slots. Breast pocket wallet is ideal for people who want to travel as it has large pockets for fitting in large bills.

Size of Wallet

You need to check whether the wallet is big enough to hold your paper cash. The paper’s cash size is different in every country. If you travel a lot, you should get a wallet with the largest long pocket possible. If not, then, the long pocket can be as just as big as the exact size of the paper money. The wallet must be able to fit into your pocket if you don’t want to carry it on the hand. The ideal size should be 3.5″x4.5″. If you are buying a travel wallet, you should choose one that measures 6″x6″x0.5″. Also, consider whether you want it to have two long pockets or just one long pocket. Some wallets offer one zipped long pocket, and the other one is not zipped. If it has zipped closure, make sure the zip is durable and will not become damaged when you keep open and close it.

Card Pockets

The wallet must have enough card pockets for putting your cards. You may want one with a transparent card screen for putting cards that you frequently use. The card pockets must not be too tight: otherwise, it will teared when you keep taking your card in and out. The coins can sometimes drop when you put in the long pocket for putting the paper money. So, you will want to consider one with a zipped coin pocket for putting the coins. If you have a lot of coins, you can choose one with a big zipped coin pocket.


Next, you will want to consider the material that the wallet is made from. Many cheap wallets are made from PU leather. If you choose PU leather, make sure it is quality enough to not cause skin rashes especially if you choose the type that is too big for putting in trouser’s pocket and require you to hold it in your hand. It will be best if you can choose a wallet that is made of genuine leather. The stitches are harder to come loose, and it will last for a long time.


When you found the wallet you want, you will usually find that it is available in many color versions. So which color to choose? It is an easy question – you can go with a wallet with your favorite color. If your concern is that it will get dirty over time, then you will want to choose a wallet with a dark color like black or dark brown to hide the dirt. Black and dark color wallets are suitable for people who work in a bank. If your job involved using creativity, you may want to buy a wallet with a creative design.

RFID Blocking Feature

You can get a wallet with a built-in RFID blocking feature if you are faced with a lot of risks of thieves. RFID blocking wallet is made from a material that can block all waves in the electromagnetic field so that thieves cannot scan your card information. However, you may not need an RFID blocking wallet if your cards do not have any RFID chip. It is also rare for people to get their wallets scanned by thieves, so you may want to change your mind in buying it.