Voice assistant allows you to use voice commands to get different tasks done. At this point, people have already used a voice assistant to order products, answer questions, play games, and listen to music. It is still in the early stage and research is being carried out on an ongoing basis to improve the technology. If you are still confused about what is a voice assistant, then you should install the app yourself and try it out. There are many different versions of voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Bixby, and Cortana. The following are 9 ways to use voice assistants.

Play Your Favorite Song

When you are lying down and resting on your couch, you are too lazy to get up and go to your computer to select the song. But, if you talk to your voice assistant and say the song title, it will play it on your speaker. The speaker must be linked to the voice assistant. You’ll need to link your home assistant to your subscribed music service such as Pandora. If your speaker has Bluetooth, you can connect it to your Bluetooth phone and play songs on YouTube.

Record Your Shopping List

Voice assistant can help you in recording down the things you want to buy in your grocery. Whatever you think of buying for your grocery, have the voice assistant jot it down on the shopping list. When you are done, just go to the store and open the grocery list on your phone. Or, you can tell the voice assistant to do the shopping for you. If you want to buy some more of the same item, you simply tell it to reorder the item. If your kids often interrupt and ask the assistant to buy stuff they want, you can set up a voice code so that it will recognize your voice and do only what you say.

Create a Smart Home

Voice assistants can be used to create a smart home. You will need to invest in voice-activated kitchen appliances and they must be linked to your voice assistant. Take, for example, if you have voice-activated light bulbs installed, you can say open and they will be switched on. You can also have your assistant turn on the radiator when the temperature reaches a certain point. These appliances are expensive but they do bring convenience for lazy people. It is one way to support the advance in technology.

Entertain Kids

Voice assistant can be handy for entertaining the kids and keeping them busy. Your kids can ask any question and the voice assistant will answer. They can ask fact questions like what is the smallest animal on the earth. Or ask it to spell a word that they don’t know how to spell. It can play the traditional games that kids with their friends at school such as rock, scissor, and paper. It can also read stories to them with music playing in the background.

Send Call and Text Messages

Voice assistants can send calls and text messages for you without you having to press any keypad and the dial button to call the person. You simply need to say the message and the contact name on your contact list. You can concentrate on driving the car without violating the traffic laws when you have a voice assistant helping you to send a call. When you want the direction for the nearest convenience store, you just say to your assistant, “Where is the nearest convenience store” and it will look up the Google map to give you the direction.

Check Weather

You can use your voice assistant to check the weather for the day so you will know what you need to bring when you go out. If it says it will rain, you will know that you have to bring an umbrella or a raincoat. If it says it is going to be sunny and hot, you will know to apply sunblock lotion on your skin. It is faster than you have to launch the browser and going to the weather news site to find out about the weather. The voice assistant can also tell you the traffic on different highways. In this way, you know which road you should take to allow you to reach the destination in the shortest time possible.

Record Audio Journal

The voice assistant can help you to record your audio journal. It is like Twitter, you post whatever that happens at that time. You simply tell the assistant about what you want to record in your journal such as you to talk to who that day, any shocking incident that happens, what you feel about your job that day, etc. When you are doing nothing, you can playback your audio journal and recall what happened on that particular day. You can create different types of audio journals with the voice assistant app.

Hear News Report

You can use your voice assistant to hear a news report. You simply provide the source of the news such as BBC and CNBC and it will read the news to you. If you want local headlines, you will have to enter the zip code. For some people, listening to the news report is easier to absorb compared to reading it from the newspaper. It is a great start for people who don’t have any habit of reading the newspaper. You will find yourself learning about more news within the same timeframe that you use for reading news from online news site or newspaper.

Find Your Lost Smartphone

Voice assistant can help you to find your smartphone if you forgot where you left it. The trick is to tell your smart speaker to make a call to your phone. When the phone rings, you discern where the sound comes from and start looking for it. For this to work, you must always enable the ringer on at the loudest volume.