College Students
College Students

Every writer hearing a “write my essay” phrase knows for sure: being a college student is not easy nowadays. With time, it became more challenging to study at school, too: amounts of information go on growing, and amounts of time possible to use for studying get less. But there are good things in our outstanding 21st century: technologies able to make lives of students significantly easier.

Today, everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Tendencies characterizing the development of mobile programs can be described with one word: amazing. Within less than 10 years, a cheap cell phone became a powerful device every person can use as a personal studying assistant. All they need to do is to find the right app and to start using it.

We chose 8 best apps for high school students, college students and many people who want to improve their studying comfort and performance.

Smart Alarm App for Students

If you belong to the category of people who switch the alarm clock off in the morning and continue watching dreams in the bed instead of waking up and going to lectures, you’ll appreciate this program. It is one of the best apps for students: it is not enough to press the button to switch the alarm signal off. You will have to wake up and then solve a task. It is not too complicated but enough to launch your sleepy brain.

Platform: iOS

Recordium (Recorder Student App)

It seems that there are many different recording programs, but Redordium has a significant advantage: here you can mark important moments while recording the sound. The simple function turns the recorder into an ultimate instrument: it frees you of the need to search through the lecture file to find the required moment. It is a detail which seems to be negligible but it means a lot.

Platform: iOS

MyScript Calculator

It is the calculator which can understand the written material, replace written signs with numbers and solves math problems. If you don’t like complicated scientific calculators and feel it better to write everything by hand, this solution will suit you.

Platform: Android/iOS


It is one of the truly unique educational apps for students they can install on their gadgets. The trick is simple but significant: in Coursera you can find multiple courses on a wide range of subjects: from chemistry to art history. Courses included in this program belong to the best universities and institutes from all over the world. Coursera is the app for students giving them a chance to get useful information from trusted sources. It is worth trying.

Platform: Android / iOS


One of the best study apps for college students, QuickReader can help you learn how to read quickly. The skill of rapid reading is critical in our times. Keeping the whole library required in college or high school learning stored in one device is not a problem anymore. What you need to do is to read it. Practice, and you’ll notice results pretty soon.

Platform: Android / iOS


It is one of the best time management apps for students according to the opinion of users. The app is not new at all but becomes more and more popular as time passes. You can order many things of your life with its help.

Platform: Android / iOS


Say “No!” to heavy and complicated organizers and diaries. One of the best management programs allows storing all schedules of lectures and seminars, homework tasks and notes in one place.

Platform: Android


If you catch yourself frequently scrolling Facebook or Instagram instead of preparing for exams, this thing is for you. This app can block access to specific websites and applications. You create the blacklist yourself and set time to block programs distracting you from studying. The most exceptional point: you can’t skip the block even by reloading the gadget. No cheating, only fair play!

Platform: iOS

These were the best apps for college students to use. Try them and watch how your effectiveness increases!