THE Urban Regatta BY UNDONE
THE Urban Regatta BY UNDONE

If you love adventure, especially water-based sports and would like an appropriate wrist watch for the same, the Urban Regatta by UNDONE, made with an equal proportion of standard and luxury is the right choice for you. The Regatta is a series of boat races, and as the name of the watch suggests, this watch is specially designed for the yachting season.

Crafted with class and style, the product comes with the specifications of 41.8 mm sized case width, 12.7 mm thickness case and 20 mm sized strap. To ensure your watch is safe during the water sport, it’s made of 3 ATM/ 30 Meters of water-resistant material, and the case is made of 316L stainless steel. To ensure a luxurious usage, the product is made of hardened domed k1 crystal, and the movement of the watch is of Seiko Instruments Inc. The VK83 Mechanical-Quartz Hybrid Flyback Chronograph also can be called as Regatta chronograph. Additionally, the watch gives you a range of reliable countdown like 5, 10, 15 or countdown; such numbers are given as most of the yacht races begin at such timing.

To add to the glory, due to the stunning features and accurate provision of time, the Urban Regatta has been officially appointed as the timekeeper in the Olympics sailing class for the NACRA 17; all the participating crews are provided with the same. It’s interesting to note that this timepiece has been created to meet the criteria laid by the Olympic discipline for mixed crew boats.

The Urban Regatta by default comes in two colors: blue and black; however, the number of available pieces available depends on whether you opt for the limited edition or the fully customizable options. The former is of 200 in number and comes with a numbered case-back while the latter is where you can customize based on your interests and is not limited.

If you wish to reflect your team, sponsors, your supporting community or your boat, then you can accordingly customize in the UNDONE x NACRA17 Regatta Limited Edition case backs; alternatively, you can color coordinate with your yacht by customizing your watch accordingly; this option is available on the official website of UNDONE.

The following are the customizing options available for the product.

You can change the dial of the custom Urban Regatta chronograph, Regatta blue or Regatta black. When you choose custom Regatta back, the small dial segments come in the combination of red and blue. While, if you choose Regatta blue, the smaller dials come in the combination of sky-blue and grey.

If you want to choose the case, there are metallic colors available for the same: standard silver, black, gold and standard rose gold.

You can choose the bezel of the watch from the two options: tachymeter and stepped bezel. In the case of the former, numbers are engraved stylishly while the latter is a simple and classic plain round bezel. It’s important to note that the colors available are in such way, it complements the case superbly; this includes silver, black, gold and rose gold.

You can choose the hour and minute hands from a classic range of available colors; this includes baton white, baton gold, baton rose gold and baton silver.

For the customization of the seconds’ hand, there are two major choices available; standard and lollipop. In both options, the colors available are white, black, silver, red, metallic blue, blue, yellow, gold and rose gold.

You can choose the texture/print of the strap for your Urban Regatta chronograph watch; the options include caviar, rally, calf, alligator paint, cordura, and perlon. Each option has a wide range of sub-options like perlon has black, grey, navy, brown, olive green, blue, green, sand, red, orange, yellow, pink, a combination of pink as well as navy, combination of pink/ navy/ white, combination of blue/ black/ grey and combination of green/ black/ white.

Finally, the last customizable part is the case-back; the two major options available are the solid case-back and glass case-back. In the option of glass case-back, you can either leave it plain or add a photo on the same which is available with an additional cost of $20. For the other option, you can also leave it plain or engrave your own words in a preferred font and desired size; the latter is available with the payment of an additional $20. Ideally, you can buy UNDONE watch from the official website; the product costs approximately $325, the delivery charge may differ.