Gentle Wakeup application is compatible with Android phones so you can wake up without panicking. Setting different alarms every five minutes will be no more on your phone now after you install this application. You can now wake up relaxed and in a gentle way with the light sound during the morning. The light of the screen starts to increase gently by taking you out of the deep sleep and prepare you to wake up completely.

Even if you want to sleep, this application will help you in lulling you to sleep with natural sounds and decreasing the light also. When you have the sleep aid, it slows down your breathe and puts you to a peaceful sleep. The low volume of natural sounds will put you into better sleep so you can wake up fresh. There will be no issue in sleeping or waking up anymore if you install this application.


Prevention of Sleep Disorders

Gentle Wakeup app can help you get rid of jet lag, stress, headache, migraine, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and other mental disorders. The gentle sounds make your brain calm which ends up putting you to deep sleep and improves the sleeping patterns.

Control on wake up process

You can control the time of waking up through this app. Set the time 20 minutes before, and as you wake up slowly, you will open your eyes to the brightness of sunlight. The slow increasing sound of birds twittering will make you smile. You can enjoy the great weather in the morning and prepare your day ahead by getting out of the bed slowly.

No Stress

The alarm tones in this app are mild and soothing. There will be no noise that you will wake up getting the stress that you have to reach work and start the tough day. You will wake up with a light mind and gentle sounds which keeps your mood normal the entire day.

Other Features Include:

  • Big nightstand clock
  • True sunrise
  • Power napping
  • Sleep Aid
  • Timer for sleep
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Soft torchlight
  • Wakeup sound
  • Weather display
  • Auto start option
  • Landscape and portrait option
  • Repeat options customizable
  • Meditation guide

Other features are coming soon in the app as the update is near. Those features are gentle jet lag, sunrise with smart light bulbs and countdown timer. This will improve the user experience, and the interface will be smoother to access and gentler on your eyes as you wake up from sleep.

The rating of the application is 4.4 on play store which is quite popular among people. The latest update was in April 2019 with installations of more than 100,000. The current version of this application is 4.0.8, and anyone wanting to download it in Android needs to have the 4.1 and up OS in their phones. There are a lot of in-app products which you can buy at a reasonable price but initially, using this app for free will be a pleasant experience for everyone.

Download Gentle Wakeup – Sleep & Alarm Clock with Sunrise app from the Play Store.