Azure Solutions Architect Certification
Azure Solutions Architect Certification

Cloud Solutions Architects are responsible for defining and designing the architecture of a particular cloud system deploying various strategic directions that the enterprise aims for within a system. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud platforms that offer top of the line services for their clients, which range from SMEs to large corporations. Solutions Architect working with the leading platforms are expected to have expertise in Compute, Network, Storage, and Security. Furthermore, a solutions architect is expected to link up various aspects of the business strategies with the software solution in place, while simultaneously being able to tweak it according to new business strategies.

When it comes to IT certifications, there are numerous options present for IT professionals, and Microsoft Azure is one of the very best offering extensive knowledge and application skills, which makes the certification credible and validates the expertise of individuals that attain certifications such as Azure Solutions Architect Certification.

Here are a few benefits of Azure Solutions Architect certification for Enterprise teams in 2019:

High Paying Jobs

According to, the updated statistics for 2019 suggest that average Microsoft Solutions architect salaries can be as much as $145,999/year whereas they can go up to $174,000. The Azure Solutions Architect certification is the top tier certification that provides all the skills that an IT professional needs as a cloud architect and the associated responsibilities such as the deployment of strategic plans and optimizing the platform. In 2019, more enterprises are shifting towards the cloud, and enterprise teams need the skills required to employ an efficient cloud platform. With rapidly increasing demand, the value of an Azure Solutions Architect certification has drastically increased, allowing the IT professionals to land high paying jobs in return for their expertise needed to sustain an enterprise’s cloud platform in today’s competitive environment.

Visualizing the scope

Solutions architecture is one of the fundamental imperatives of an enterprise team. Solutions architecture is the field of software engineering geared towards designing solutions that meet a certain business need. A solutions architect is responsible for formulating the technical strategy and the complex, multi-stage process aimed at fulfilling specific business needs. Solutions architect are required to explain the prospects and various aspects of software solutions to all the project stakeholders. Their expertise in designing a multi-stage formulation of a solution especially come in handy for enterprise teams when explaining the scope and applicability of a particular software design when seeking approvals from the higher-ups in the hierarchy system within an enterprise.

Ability to be on par with professionals with years of experience

In 2019, the dynamism in the business world is increasing as more efficient and optimized business practices are developed. In such a fast-paced, tech-oriented world, an enterprise team needs a capable solutions architect to sustain the business. Here, professionals with dozens of years of experience and individuals with reputable certifications come into play. Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect certification is a highly in-demand certification that provides the expertise required for the position of a solutions architect. Although this certification requires that professionals attain basic and associate level certifications first, as well as a minimum experience of a few years as cloud practitioners, it gives them a chance to land jobs with higher pay and far more scope than they otherwise would be able to. Enterprise teams can use the skills of certified IT professionals as an alternative for IT professionals with years of experience. Employing new minds will also allow enterprise teams to come up with better, more contemporary solutions to problems, which will, in the long run, streamline and optimize the business structure as a whole, subsequently reducing costs, increasing performance, and consequently increasing profits.

Access to a plethora of skills and deep insights into solutions architecture

Azure Solutions Architect certification offers the most advanced skills needed in the field of solutions architecture. Less advanced certifications are also a pre-requisite for Azure Solutions Architect certification as well as a few years of experience. The Azure certification itself is designed in such a way that it provides the necessary skills to design and sustain a cloud solution while enabling the practitioners to link up various applications with the solution. This certification offers a library of knowledge and skills that give practitioners a huge advantage, allowing them to learn all the aspects of their field in a relatively short period of time, rather than working as a novice solutions architect for years and gaining expertise through trial and error. Furthermore, the Azure Solutions Architect certification is updated every few years, which means that students will learn the most advanced and latest trends in the field of software architecture. Enterprise teams can use the modern and up to date skills of certified professionals to employ cutting edge business strategies in their software solutions.

Why you should get Microsoft Azure solutions architect certification

According to an article from Business Insider “The cloud computing market went bonkers in 2018, with businesses spending $70 billion on cloud services, says John Dinsdale, chief analyst at Synergy Research Group.” Synergy has been tracking cloud computing for years, and by its calculations, Microsoft captures 15% of the market share amongst competitors such as Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google, IBM, and Ali Baba. With the rapidly increasing demand for cloud computing, the market capitalization of Microsoft, as well as the demand for certified professionals is sure to increase. Enterprise teams will value IT professionals with advanced certifications in solutions architecture, especially reputable ones from the likes of Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is one sure way to go for individuals looking to specialize in the solutions architecture field. The knowledge, expertise, and credibility Microsoft Azure offers is unmatched in most other certifications. It includes certified professionals in an exclusive community of Microsoft certified professionals that allow certification holders to make new contacts, learn key insights from more experienced professionals, and consequently add more value to their skills. A lot of different companies like QuickStart offer these courses online.