Here is the thirteenth installment of 10 games reviewed.

Fraction, Percent & Decimal Tiles

Grades 2 & Up

Fraction, Percent & Decimal Tiles is a learning board for practicing the three different variants of numbers. The board comes with a drawing screen, a pencil, an eraser, and settings. There is three separate pull out screens, one with fractions, one with percent and one with decimals. Each pulls out screen has identically color marked components, so you can drag a block, such as ½ to the screen, drag another component that is 0.5 and drag 50%. All three are identically colored, and the player can then compare and see the difference.

This is a great comparisons board that lets the player doodle numbers, make notes, drag and drop different values and learn how to cross reference between the three different variants.

Grade: 2 to 5

Conclusions: What a lovely little app and it should be made available on mobile devices too since this is exceptional for helping young students understand the different methods of representing numbers.

Fractions to Decimals

Grades 4 & Up

Fractions to Decimals is a very nice fraction and decimal teaching game that provides action and fun at the same time it teaches the player to understand the decimals and fractions equivalents. The game is centered around a dog race track, to make the players chosen racing dog lead, the player must answer a question as fast as possible and continue to do so to maintain the lead. The questions are simple, either convert a decimal to a fraction or vice versa. There are four answers to choose from.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions: A fast and good fraction decimal equivalent training game that speeds up the player’s comprehension of these two mathematical variants.

Full Moon

Grades 4 & Up

Full Moon is a nice minimalist graphics puzzle that requires the player to get the fruit for the hungry rabbit at night under a full moon. Each screen has a number of obstacles to defeat, anything from hopping five times to moving animals, clicking on trees, making sure fruit falls at the right time, and that other obstacles move at the right time too.

It’s all about observation, memory, and accuracy of mouse control.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions: A very nice game, slightly addictive and annoyingly simple looking. It can be confusing at times that add to the frustration, but its enjoyable frustration…well, that’s an oxymoron.

Future Buddy

Grades 4 & Up

Future Buddy is an addictive and cute game with fascinating graphics and problems to solve. In this game, you have cute aliens that need to get to their time machine. The player has to connect, cut and otherwise find the way to get the aliens into the time machine. The games first levels introduced the player to the concepts of how to overcome obstacles, the logical steps thereof are up to the player. There are levels that require mouse dexterity and speed, so expect the levels to get harder as the game advances.

Grade: 4 to 5

Conclusions: Be warned, this is an addictive game, which means it’s extremely good if not brilliantly amazing. (did I rave enough?)

Fuzz Bugs – Counting, Sorting, & Comparing

Grades Pre-K - 1

Fuzz Bugs – Counting, Sorting, & Comparing is a great little game for youngsters and teaches them how to sort, count and compare little fuzz balls. The manipulation is simple, using a mouse and clicking on a fuzz ball will enable the player to move it to the location required.

Grade: Pre K to 1

Conclusions: A lovely little game and the first in a series of Fuzz Bugs. There is only one issue with this game, and that is color sorting, which is a problem for colorblind children. The colors used are not compatible with handling color blindness, and more extreme colors should have been used.

Fuzz Bugs Factory

Grades 1 & Up

Fuzz Bugs Factory is a simple ball color game for youngsters. This is basically a Factory balls variant, and the player has to paint the Fuzz Bug according to the pattern presented on the screen.

Grade: 1 to 5

Conclusions: Another ball painting game like factory balls, only this time its Fuzz Bugs, and they are larger, so it’s easier to manipulate on the screen.

Fuzz Bugs Factory Hop

Grades 1 - 3

Fuzz Bugs Factory Hop is a lovely little hopping up game where the player has to control the direction of the fuzz bugs movement and align the fuzz bugs legs with the platforms on its way up. On some platforms, there are various objects that change the fuzz bugs appearance. This is a lovely game and is really a small respite from learning. It does demand control over the left and right arrow keys since the mouse doesn’t work well with this game.

Grade: 1 to 3

Conclusions: A great little hopping up the game.

Fuzz Bugs Factory Number Bonds

Grades K - 1

Fuzz Bugs Factory Number Bonds is a very nice number game that teaches very young players how to add up with a nice graphic touch. In this game, the player is presented with a fuzz bug on the bottom level, and there is a number that needs to be added up to. The Fuzz Bug has a number on it, and the player has to choose the correct fuzz bug on the top layer and pick it up with the mouse and place it in a funnel. The Fuzz Bug then goes through a series of actions to reach the lowest level. Every new level increases the number of layers the Fuzz Bug drops through. There are many initial games to choose from, adding up from 5 to 20 and then a random game level.

Grade: K to 1

Conclusions: A great easy number addition game for youngsters to learn and grow with. The graphics are cute, and the player does learn addition in a fun way.

Fuzz Bugs Farm – Consonant Blends

Grades K - 1

Fuzz Bugs Farm – Consonant Blends is a phonetics constant sounding game that teaches youngsters how to connect between the first sounding letters of a word and the rest of the word. This is a very good game, with excellent simple graphics and a good word selection. The game is designed like a board game with a spinning move selector from 1 to 4 steps. Each step is won when the correct constant blend is matched with the following letters chosen from three options. The player plays against a computer player, but can also play against four human competitors, each with their own turn.

Grade: K to 1

Conclusions: What wonderful little reading and word comprehension application, well developed and well designed.

Fuzz Bugs Graphing

Grades 1 - 2

Fuzz Bugs Graphing is a similar version of the first Fuzz Bugs game but with slightly different graphics, more colored Fuzz Bugs to work with. This is a nice game that starts with sorting out the Fuzz Bugs into color containers and then answering questions such as how many Fuzz Bugs are there in total, and then combination additions based on colors.

Grade: 1 to 2

Conclusions: This is a classic addition game with a nice twist and clean fun. The player will need to have good mouse control with eye hand coordination to catch and place the moving Fuzz Bugs in the containers.