Internet and technology have knitted us in the close web of connectivity and ease of accessibility. Every monotonous task of the routine job has been automated through smart algorithms. And now, Data sciences is the new thing in town. Processing tons of data to drive useful information is the new science in order to predict the forthcoming. A great spike is being observed in the domain of data sciences and analytics. What do you think is making data sciences more important with every passing day? Is this trend just short-term or is here to stay and influence the future? I know these questions must have been boggling your mind ever since the emergence of data sciences. Experts precisely consider “data” DNA of businesses and their progress. Let’s discuss how it is vital for businesses.

Data sciences:

Data Sciences- is a field which use scientific methods, algorithms, and different processes to extract useful information from the tons of data available. Well if we do it manually what do you think how much time will it take?

The growing trend of artificial intelligence is producing opportunities for the data sciences. It has made data a crucial part of all the processes. Many of the governments are relying on AI and data science to find the historical stats on the basis of behaviors, demographics, and sex, etc. The data will be put to use in order to target the specific type of audience. Or it can be simply used to drive useful information which could help with future prospects.

Data-DNA of the business:

Nowadays, data hold a special significance in businesses. It is considered to be the DNA of the business. Want to know why? Because these raw facts and figures shape the future of the business and play a crucial role in driving useful and concise information from piles of raw data which holds value.

It has been a discussion that small set of data like scripts and codes enabling the different critical systems are as important to the healthy operations as that of the frequently discussed “Big Data.” Well, there is one thing common between small and big data sets is that they should be protected and preserved at all costs. Losing the privacy of the data means the end of your business, like the loss of genetic coding material in DNA, can lead to disease.

Messy Environments:

No matter how big an organization is, we all surround ourselves with the people who may exhibit poor judgment from time to time and mostly without warning. These people may unintentionally make the data vulnerable to the attacks or leave them unattended or clobber the significant entities and assets. They may erase the configuration files or important pieces of codes which are an important supporting part of the whole algorithm. Such unexpected situations can cause damage to the data stored or transmitted.

Here are a few areas which need to be protected at all times:

We need to be concerned with the data management environment overall. Following are the areas that need the most care.

Data at rest in Storage:

After the transmission of data, it ends up in the storage. Data must be encrypted while resting in the storage and when it is being transmitted from one location to another. Whereas a great amount of data still remains unencrypted and is prone to external attacks. Mere firewall protection is not enough to keep the data secure.

If businesses have their encryption right, the thief copying the data will only succeed in having the garbage of jumbled characters. Without the decryption key, they can’t steal anything unless they are a tech pro’s pro dad :p

Data when Accessed:

“Access Control” two words that don’t get much respect where they need immense one. What is access control? When some device tries to connect to your network and access its resources, access control is the first system which checks the authorization of the user to ensure the security. It makes sure the user trying to access the resources is actually the person who he is pretending to be and have the right to access the resources.

Access Control interrogates the device all by itself. Well, certainly mere access control cannot prevent the machine from attacks, but it certainly creates a check post and hindrance for the incoming threats.

Well, in short, we require all the protection we can get to protect the DNA of business that is “Data.”

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Data in transit:

It is important to protect the data during transits. In most cases, this is exactly where the data is most insecure and prone to attacks. It could get corrupted or tweaked on its way from one source to another. This issue can be addressed through high-quality encryption codes and strong passwords. Encryption is in use since ages but has grown to be sophisticated now. Encryption with chic codes is giving a really tough time to crack through the data.

Whereas virtual private network and firewalls also put up strong hindrances and add to the element of security. Devising a proper strategy to secure the data in the transmission is really important.

When data reach to its destination:

Need to keep a thorough track of the destination your data is heading towards. When data arrives at the assigned destination, how can you know if it is the destination it was intended towards? Security of both the sender and the receiver are equally important. Besides your dire efforts on ensuring data security, there is always the possibility of having a weak security system at the receiving end. Data still can get compromised due to the poor security of the receiver. So, the security of both the sender and the receiver is equally important.

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