Casinos have evolved significantly since their introduction and many online casinos have been set up in order to ensure gamer’s convenience and feasibility. Canada and the US are similar in many ways and share a mutual love for sports, no matter what kind. However, when it comes to laws and casinos, both of them tend to be different from each other. Taking gambling as our main concern, there are several grounds on which both Canada and the US differ from each other. Let us have a look at some distinguishing factors that makes them both different.

The Regulatory Climate In Canada vs. the US

Firstly, talking about online casino in Canada, online gambling is a grey area there. There are no laws and regulations that prohibit gaming which is why gaming is not considered illegal there. However, the government is not into licensing online casinos in order to ensure safety and security, which means that you would find very few online casinos based and available in Canada, but those that are present are valid and trusted. Canadians can play online casino games with some offshores website and can also get along with slots via some Malta-based companies.

As for the US, an amendment was made in their laws in 2011 that stated that the US had legalized online casinos but the sportsbooks are not yet legalized. But now, the US has allowed regulating all types of online gambling which includes online casinos. This is the ground where some regulations differ as Canada has not legalized online casinos completely whereas the US has completely authenticated and legalized online casinos in the American states. Although online gambling can vary from one state to another but casinos are mostly available in all the states of the US.

Software Providers

Being completely different in nature, Canada uses software located offshores for playing online games. They provide several slots from software providers in Europe and those software providers choose to work with the developers who are based in the US and its states. Canadians have no limit as to which software provider’s game they can use, they can play it as soon as it is offered at the gaming sites.

However, in the US, only some of the sites have licenses to carry out online gambling and without this license, no gambling can take place online. Some of the states in the US have also started welcoming software providers so that the best casino games can be provided to the gamblers in order to generate more revenue from the gambling industry, specifically through online casinos.

Methods Of Payments and Banking

When it comes to banking options, there are few similarities but not everything is the same. Canada allows and accepts Visa debit and credit cards, MasterCards and maestro while the US permits PayPal, Paysafe, Skrill, and Ecopayz. Although, the intensity of fast payments is the same as all these payment methods ensure that the money is deposited to your account instantly without any hassles and obstacles, easily and conveniently.

Bonuses and Offers

The US casinos are comparatively less lavish and alluring when it comes to bonuses and offers. These casinos are famous to the general public but are not so fancy. Whereas, Canada has some fancy and lavish casinos that offer the gamblers with best bonuses and offers. The British casinos are still growing and have been evolved much as the Canadian casinos and have learned a lot from it when it comes to bonuses and offers. But even after this, when it comes to comparing both of them, Canadians win the ground with some of the most extraordinary deals.


If you are winning 7 million dollars in any Canadian online casino, then you will be allowed to leave the ground with the whole amount. This means that Canada does not tax online gamblers and the gamers are always allowed to spend the entire winning amount and pay no tax on it.

Things are different when it comes to US taxations and online casinos. The gamers are taxed, regardless of what they win. There will always have to pay a certain amount of deductions. You have to pay 25% of standard tax which means regardless of whatever you earn, you have to pay the tax amount, which would be 25 % of it. It is a quarter of your winning amount that is to be taken by the government and the taxman. It depends on your average gambling income that whether you are gaining profit or getting indebted because of paying these taxes to the taxman.


The biggest difference and the most important difference is the currency of both countries. The US online casinos deposit their winning amounts to their gamblers in USD that is widely used and accepted in the gambling industry.

While the CAD is used in Canadian online casinos which are not so widely accepted and much less prevalent as compared to the US dollars which gives the US an advantage. Considering the fact that Canadians mostly play at offshore casinos and some of the casinos do not accept the currency used by Canadians which makes them suffer a lot of times.

Online gambling is rising in both US and Canada but both have some different measures when it comes to their rise. The US took the charge first to make gambling legalized while on the other hand, Canada took some time and is still taking time to make it legal all over Canada.

The future seems to be very bright for online casinos in both Canada and the US and people are eager to make it a part of their daily life routine not just to have fun but to earn some side money too. If you are living in Canada, the US, or anywhere in the world and have not tried your luck with online gambling yet, go and get started only if it is legal in your country or else you will have to face consequences.