What can be better than shopping in Los Angeles, in a city full of famous boutiques? Los Angeles is one of the world recognized shopping centers, which is filled with numerous shops, stores and shopping centers with fashionable clothing for adults and children. Here you’ll find goods for any taste and budget – from money-saving brands with everyday items to unique models designed in a single copy.

Local shopping opportunities are so endless that you need at least a week to try them all. Of course, it’s impossible to travel without a car – Europcar Los Angeles airport will be a great assistant for each shopper. You will get to any of the shops from the list without any difficulties with a rental car. Therefore, the list of top fashion destinations of LA is at your disposal.

Rodeo Drive

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Rodeo Drive is a 3-kilometers-long street in Beverly Hills, on which prestigious shops and boutiques of famous world brands are located. Shopping on Rodeo Drive is an exciting adventure and the opportunity to meet Hollywood celebrities.

Gorgeous Rodeo Drive smoothly flows into the amazing Wilshire Boulevard, which is filled with many shops and restaurants to suit all tastes. In the streets close to Rodeo Drive and Wilshire Boulevard, you can also visit the shops with high-quality clothing at affordable prices.

Premium Outlets

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Outlets are huge shopping centers, which receive clothing and accessories, unsold in retail stores. Here you can buy for yourself, your baby and relatives great goods of democratic and premium global brands with discounts up to 70%.

One of the most popular outlets is Camarillo Premium Outlet. This is a huge shopping center, which is located within 45 minutes’ drive from Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. There are more than 120 stores of leading designers and manufacturers: Calvin Klein, Barneys NewYork, Kenneth Cole, Nike, Diesel, Coach, Banana Republic, Polo Ralph Lauren, etc. But this is not just a large collection of the best designer brands presented in one place – this is one of the most popular places to relax in Los Angeles.

Camarillo Premium Outlets hosts various entertainment events throughout the year, including seasonal sales. The easiest way to get to the outlet is by taxi or by a rental car.

It’s A Wrap!

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‘It’s A Wrap!’ is the only commission shop in the world, whose assortment consists of clothes and props that were used in the filming of popular films and TV shows. Here you can purchase a favorite accessory of a TV celebrity or an interior item from a famous movie.

All clothes in ‘It’s A Wrap’ are in excellent condition – they were used on the set for only a few hours, and before entering the store they went through a thorough dry cleaning. Prices for clothes and accessories depend on the date of filming, as well as the popularity of the film, and starts from $1.

Beverly Center

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The large Beverly Center shopping mall is located in Los Angeles near Wilshire Boulevard. In the Beverly Center each traveler will find dozens of shops with shoes, clothing, accessories, as well as two well-known department stores.

The Beverly Center shopping mall is the major fashion house in Southern California. Here’re more than 100 boutiques, reflecting the different styles and tastes. Popular brands represented there are Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Prada, SaintLaurent, Fendi, Gucci, LouisVuitton, and Salvatore Ferragamo.

The boutiques of mainstream brands are also available. Thus, Beverly Center can satisfy customers with different budgets and fashion views – you will definitely enjoy shopping full of numerous purchases.

In addition to shops, the center features spots to rest and enjoy delicious food. About twenty cafes and restaurants specialize in European, American and Oriental cuisine.

The Grove

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The Grove is a modern shopping complex in Los Angeles placed near the farmers’ market. Since its opening, it has attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of tourists and locals. On the territory of the Grove many brand shops, cafes and a 14-hall cinema.

The architecture of the shopping mall is especially interesting for tourists – it resembles the streets of Los Angeles of the past centuries. The dancing fountain in central area and the magnificent bronze statue of the Spirit of Los Angeles complement the beautiful architectural solution of the complex. In short, the Grove is a place where it’s pleasant and interesting to combine shopping with relaxation.

Westfield Century City

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(photo by Boston Barricade)

Westfield Century City Shopping Center is one of the oldest complexes in Los Angeles, which is located at the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars. The center has more than a hundred stores with clothes, accessories and electronics. Also, there’s a food court in the form of a market square and a 14-hall AMC cinema.

Westfield Century City is currently often used for filming popular television programs from 20th Century Fox. Every year it receives thousands of visitors from around the world.


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Nordstrom is a chain retailer in the United States, which is popular among Americans. In the assortment of the Nordstrom there are clothes and shoes for children, teenagers, women and men, jewelry, bags, accessories, household goods, perfumes, a large selection of cosmetics, gifts, souvenirs, as well as extensive collections of famous American and European designers.

Nordstrom will satisfy the needs of people with both high and middle incomes. The store annually holds sales, during which discounts on goods reach 20-50%. Sales for women and children are held in May and November, for men – in the middle of June and in the end of December. The biggest sale of goods involving the greatest discounts is held in July.