Sleep is an essential activity of the human body and therefore when people are faced with insomnia, they tend to experiment anything possible that could bring them sleep. The best medical strain for sleep insomnia contains the THC chemical which aids in the relaxation of the body. As a result, a person is able to sleep well. As well, the marijuana strains help in the reduction of depression and easing of pain which could be the main reason as to why many individuals find it difficult to sleep. Marijuana has been a common prescription to cancer patients because it helps in the reduction of the pain that they feel on the affected areas. Hence, it contributes to the individual feeling relaxed and able to sleep well. In addition, some strains of marijuana induce a happy feeling to the individual and therefore, in a case whereby the person was feeling depressed, then they will be able to carry out their daily activities in a good mood and end up getting enough sleep. Therefore, cannabis does not only give the user that “high” feeling but it also helps their body to relax hence acting as a cure for insomnia.

What chemicals do cannabis contain that affect sleep

There are various strains of marijuana which are known to produce different effects in the human body. Therefore, not all marijuana is suitable for inducing sleep. It is advisable for individuals to seek the help of a medical practitioner in order to get a prescription for the correct strain and amount that they should take in order to fall asleep. The science behind cannabis being a sleep stimulator is that it contains different cannabinoids. The most common is the Cannabidiol (CBD) which has plenty of health benefits. The chemical is non-psychoactive in that it does not make the user feel high. As well, the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most commonly known chemical contained in cannabis. It is the chemical that is responsible for a person getting high after smoking marijuana. Marijuana harvesters have different techniques for determining the amount of THC that a particular plant has. The more THC that the cannabis has, the better it is in the market. Among the techniques used are the color of the buds and the smell that they produce. THC is the chemical responsible for inducing sleep. Therefore, a person suffering from insomnia will need to consume cannabis for sleep that contains more THC as compared to the CBD (Vigil, Stith, Diviant, Brockelman, Keeling & Hall, 2018).

Potential risks for using cannabis for sleep

The long-term use of cannabis is harmful to the human body. Therefore, if regularly used to treat insomnia, the individual could end up in a situation whereby they are unable to treat the disorder using cannabis. In addition, the long-term use of cannabis could result in a substantial memory loss hence impairing the ability of an individual to work properly. Cannabis for sleep is not conducive for use by any individual. Some conditions restrict a person from using marijuana. For instance, a pregnant or breastfeeding woman has to seek other means of inducing sleep because the THC could be passed into the baby body. A lot of research has not been done on the impacts of THC on an infant’s body, but large amounts of it are harmful. As well, smoking is not always a healthy way of getting marijuana into a person’s body because it could result in other disorders such as live dysfunctions. The cannabis insomnia cure has been in existence for many years, and this has resulted in most of the people doing self-medication instead of getting the correct dosages from medical practitioners. It is such self-medication that results in a person experiencing the negative impacts of consuming marijuana such as memory loss. In addition, some people end up using the wrong strains which are also a challenge since it does not give them the desired such as cannabis sleep apnea.

It is recommended that individuals buy cannabis oil for sleep in order to avoid the adverse effects that come along with other methods of consuming it such as vaporing and smoking. However, without the right information, individuals might find themselves in situations whereby they have not used cannabis to sleep in the correct manner. Individuals have the obligation of getting the correct strains to cure sleep disorders and also ensure that the strains are pure. It is important to get the help of an expert while purchasing it to avoid the chances of getting cannabis poisoning.

What do the studies say

Data on the National Sleep Foundation indicates that approximately 60 million US citizens experience the various symptoms associated with the sleep disorder. About 15% percent of the population has to deal with chronic insomnia at some point in their lives while 40% experience insomnia. Therefore, this has resulted in the rise in the number of individuals using cannabis for sleep. Most of the individuals in the medical marijuana community argue out that cannabis is an effective treatment for sleep disorders with minimal side effects. Once consumed, marijuana plays an important role in restoring the individual’s sleep cycle which is often disrupted by the daily activities that people engage in. Marijuana has anti-anxiety properties which help in relaxing an individual’s mind (Stith, Vigil, Brockelman, Keeling & Hall, 2018). As a result, they end up sleeping well.

Ingesting marijuana that has higher levels of THC reduces the amount of REM sleep that an individual can have. This means that a person will experience sleep with fewer dreams as well as nightmares for the individuals that experience PTSD. As a result, if a person spends less time dreaming or having nightmares, then they will have more time to sleep. Having a deep sleep is known to be the best restorative cycle of sleep. However, REM is essential in the human body for a healthy cognitive and a good immune functioning system. Therefore, in the case whereby individuals take high doses of THC over a long period, then they might have difficulties finding sleep and will often feel fatigued. Therefore, it is important to get a prescription for the correct dosage that a person suffering from sleep insomnia should consume. Marijuana changes the sleep cycles of an individual and hence, if abused, then it can even result in an individual having more insomnia. Hence cannabis and sleep have become a central topic of discussion since people consider it to be the best available solution to the sleep disorder. As well, the small quantities are more affordable as compared to other sleep medication (Gill & Young, 2019).


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