A PDF converter is an essential tool to have when dealing with fillable PDF forms to ensure that important documents are formatted, accessible, and filled in correctly. Many official government documents from tax returns to benefits applications to employment forms usually come in a PDF fillable form to make them easier to fill and file. Only, the PDF format can present compatibility problems when introduced into older filing systems and record-keeping methods. It then becomes necessary to convert these PDF fillable forms into other file types to ensure that they are more widely accessible and easier to process.

Why Not Use Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat and its suite of PDF tools are often the first options people think of when trying to create, edit or convert PDF files or vice-versa. While there are an impressive set of features and capabilities that Adobe offers, there are some limitations, especially when it comes to converting fillable forms to more manageable formats.

For example, Adobe features a complicated user interface that has a myriad of different options in the toolkit pane that are hard to discern. Users can get lost in the editing and feature options, as Adobe offers a level of customization and specificity that is overwhelming for new users.

Adobe, to be sure, is an advanced program that is more suited to professional Adobe document creation and is not geared toward the casual, everyday user. For those who are looking for a more simple and straightforward user experience, Lumin PDF offers a free trial of their PDF templates and fillable forms database for new users.

Why Use Fillable Forms Over PDFs

Fillable forms that are not in PDF format are often easier for casual users to fill out because they are more recognizable and easier to work with. Filling these forms out on the go is also easier since they are more compatible with mobile devices unlike PDF files, which, given the number of fields and amount of data they have to process can often slow down to the point of losing data.

Lumin PDF, for example, has a wide-ranging database of ready-made forms that are intuitive to fill out as they have a simple menu and feature options. Clicking on any of the Lumin forms opens the file in a Lumin window that has a toolkit pane that is easy to follow. Converting the file into a PDF or the other way around is also easy using the premium versions of Lumin.

All the premade PDF templates available from the Lumin database are also formatted to comply with requirements for official government requirements, but they can also be converted to other file formats to have sections added or removed. Users can also add things like digital signatures and other important layout features to make their form more presentable.

What’s more, a mobile version of Lumin is available for both Android and iOS users that gives people the chance to browse, download, alter and edit fillable forms wherever they are. Lumin also has wide compatibility with different file formats from Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files to all file types from the Google Suite of documents and software.

How to Convert a PDF to a Fillable Form

Lumin PDF has a wealth of ready-made fillable forms that can be converted into other file formats using its intuitive conversion tool. Users can create these forms from the hundreds of different templates that Lumin has on its browser-based platform. They can also sign-up to activate more premium features that allow for things like creating new text fields, highlighting important passages, and adding digital signatures.

The program also allows users to convert their PDF form into several other formats including Word, Excel, JPEGs, and PowerPoint. Beyond simple conversion, however, Lumin also allows you to make annotations, split and merge files as well as scan them into digital files to make them easier to edit and manipulate in its PDF creator window.

Other PDF viewers/editors have other methods to change fillable forms into PDFs and vice versa. Users of programs like PDFelement or the Adobe Suite have other options and processes to create fillable PDF forms, as well as turning PDFs into other file formats to make them easier to read and process in other document processing software.