The number of people playing the lottery online has been shown to increase almost exponentially over the past couple of years, thanks to the introduction of online betting. Playing the lottery online is more convenient than the conventional ticket-based system in that you can bet from your smartphone or PC in the comfort of your living room. What’s more, you are not compelled to watch the televised draws as you are sure to receive a phone notification if you are a winner.

Online betting companies are suddenly being viewed as the death of ticket-based lotteries, which have run the show for centuries. These key points explain why:

In-Store Ticket Purchasing is Inconvenient

Ticket purchasing is a key aspect of the whole betting experience, and online platforms have leveled the playing field for all punters, regardless of their location. Sure, it is a simple and straightforward transaction buying tickets offline, but you will need to go through the tedious registration and age verification processes each time you purchase a ticket. Online platforms will ask for that much hassle only during account registration. All subsequent bets will require you to just log in and play.

Currently, the biggest challenger brand is Lottoland, and the company’s swift growth into a global brand can be attributed to the ease of registration, straightforward navigation, and inclusiveness offered by its website.

Online Betting Sites Offer Better Ticket Security

While ticket security is mostly down to the holder’s carefulness, there is no arguing that online tickets are significantly more secure than physical ones. The only plausible way you can lose an online ticket is if you lose your account’s login credentials. With physical tickets, you have a whole lot of hazards to worry about, from fire to water damage through to misplacement and theft. More to the point, many online lottery platforms have meticulous account recovery procedures to help players regain access to their accounts. That is not available with ticket-based lotteries.

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Punters Are Notified if They Win Online Lotteries

Players in online lottery websites often receive alerts within a day of winning a prize. This is possible because contact information is a prerequisite when creating an account. Some companies even ask for bank details so they can channel the funds straight to the punter’s account if they win a prize. This means that unless a player wins a huge prize such as a jackpot, they will not need to keep checking the outcome of a draw in fear of losing their winnings. The assurance of instant notifications gives players the peace of mind they need to focus on work and other important responsibilities.

Online Lotteries Offer Global Opportunities

The chance to play the lottery from anywhere in the world is another advantage of online betting sites. If you are always on the go, you don’t necessarily have to give up playing the lottery. Lottery concierge websites allow overseas players to pick numbers and bet without the need for tickets or send staff members out in those countries to purchase tickets on behalf of the players. It is also on these websites that you get to participate in large overseas draws by joining online syndicates and buying “shares” on possible winnings.

Online players enjoy numerous convenient features

Some of the features that are available exclusively to online lottery players include:

  • Anytime, anywhere betting: Before the advent of online lotteries, many players would be locked out of huge jackpots because getting a ticket involved visiting a store and waiting in long queues. Nowadays, all you need is a mobile phone and internet connection.
  • Random number selection: Albeit this function is available with some in-store lottery machines, selecting random numbers is way easier online. To play the National Lottery in the UK, for instance, players only need to select “Lucky Dip” and a random number combination will be assigned to them.


Clearly, playing the lottery online requires less time and energy, and, in most cases, less money. You also get to enjoy a range of benefits, including instant alerts, quick pick features, sign-up bonuses, and more. If the hassle of buying tickets and following up on draw results is the only thing hindering you from participating in the lottery, then it is time to find a website you can trust and join in the fun.