Instagram is a powerhouse for brand promotion. You probably understand that by this point and are looking for ways to increase your engagement with followers on the platform. You can buy Instagram likes to give your business a boost and then begin posting quality content every day. That’s a great start.

However, there are lots of other methods to help increase your follower engagement. Having a significant following that makes an effort to respond to your content is a sign that they truly enjoy what you have to offer. It also increases the likelihood that these individuals will eventually convert to buyers of your products. Take a look below to learn how to get more Instagram likes as a business and to cultivate an active, engaged following.

1. Make Your Bio Count

There are many benefits to using Instagram for business. Taking steps to use the platform wisely will pay off in the end. First, let’s start with your bio. This is the place potential followers head to learn all about you. It makes sense that you should place a great deal of emphasis on this valuable real estate. Yet many brands overlook its importance and don’t get the full value they could from this space.

Take time to consider what you most want people to know about your business and be sure to include that information in your bio. Also, consider creative ways you can entice folks to follow you. Your bio is one of the few places you can include a clickable link. Be sure to choose one that best meets your marketing purpose. Remember, this can change over time, depending on your campaign needs.

2. Create a Branded Hashtag

Custom hashtags are a great way to encourage follower engagement and get lots of likes. Branded hashtags are unique tags associated with one specific brand, usually in the context of a particular marketing campaign. They offer a number of perks for both companies and users.

Your unique hashtag should be memorable and shareable. This allows it to gain momentum, with more potential to go viral. The more people who take part in the use of your hashtag, the more awareness your brand gains. Potential customers like to participate in company hashtag campaigns because they’re fun and promote a connection with brands.

They also give users exposure to a company’s following when they use a particular branded hashtag. Plus, they get to express their creativity. Brands receive a free promotion with the chance to gain new followers and engagement. It’s a win-win.

3. Get Personal

Social media involves being social. It’s in the name. Part of successful digital marketing is building relationships and making connections. When followers and fans feel a personal investment with your brand, they’re more apt to take part in activities like online engagement, spreading the word about your business, and making purchases. There are a variety of ways you can make this happen.

Find examples that show your brand’s personal side, such as giving a backstage tour of your headquarters in a video or introducing employees through individual posts or Instagram Stories.

Give shoutouts to your followers by featuring their Instagram content and mentioning them by their username. Ask for testimonials of fans using your products. You can do this with a branded hashtag campaign. The possibilities really are practically endless.

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4. Follow Industry Leaders

There are so many good reasons for following folks within your industry or niche. Folks you should include in this group include competitors, industry experts, and niche influencers. Accounts that are directly relevant to your field should also be included in your observations.

By checking out what others related to your business are doing, you can get inspiration. See what works for them and what doesn’t; then act accordingly. Find inspiration from their content. Then create posts, adding your own creative spin. You can also find relevant hashtags and trends to replicate by following your niche.

Finally, it’s a great way to add followers. Follow people who are engaging with these accounts. Chances are, they’ll follow you back. These tips can help spark your follower engagement, resulting in more Instagram likes for your business.

5. Take Advantage of Trends

Sometimes it’s good to jump on a bandwagon. Pay attention to popular trends within your niche or in general. Then incorporate them into your content. Use hashtags, both new and established, as these tags will help relevant users find and like you. Add stickers or GIFs to your posts occasionally.

Come up with a fun poll to find out what your followers are most interested in. All of these are ways to capitalize on things you know people already like. However, you’ll be adding your own touch and demonstrating your brand’s flair.

6. Show Your Personality

Speaking of flair, it’s super important to show your personality, even when following the trends. People want to see what sets your brand apart from the rest. It’s human nature to look for innovative and novel approaches. In addition, people can almost always tell when you’re being inauthentic. So, be true to you and your brand, but don’t hesitate to show off what makes you different. You’ll attract more likes and engagement when you show your brand is authentic and interesting.

Put these tips to the test to get more Instagram likes for your business. They’re simple, yet effective, methods for engaging and attracting followers. You’ll see that they work.