With the holiday season in full swing, Americans are adding a festive look to their houses and apartments. The conventional Christmas tree with ornaments and garlands is still a centerpiece. There are, however, many more ideas that could turn your home into a holiday wonderland. From holly leaves to improvised fireplaces, you can achieve stunning results with minimal expenses.

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Get creative and involve objects of different sizes in your decoration. For instance, you could hang giant snowflakes and put tall candles on the dinner table. Meanwhile, a garland from olive branches will look great on your mantel.

Decorate a Ladder

A simple ladder is a perfect place for your handmade Advent calendar. Alternatively, put it on your Christmas tree. Consider getting refillable muslin craft bags that have toys, candies, and messages from Santa inside.

Embellish Banisters

These staircase elements may be tricky to embellish. Our suggestion is to use strings of paper bells on a fishing line. Go for red and white colors.

Have Fun with Colors

Why stick to the ordinary red, white, and green? Experiment with less traditional choices. You could opt for pastel and gold. Using different metals and retro themes, you create a very special atmosphere.

Dining on a Blanket?

Why go with an ordinary tablecloth? Get creative with your surface. Swap it for a colorful plaid blanket. It adds warmth, color, and creativity, making your table look even more inviting.

Roll Out the Bar Cart

These furniture items are not only useful for carrying holiday essentials. They could also fit into the overall Christmas look. Decorate them with beautiful glassware and greenery, adding a festive touch.

Unconventional Advent Calendar

Bored with the old-school cardboard boxes? They are dull and often flimsy. Why not craft a cute kitchen garland that is also an advent calendar? You could use small and cute tin pots filled with treats. Label each one with the day of the month and hang on a ribbon stretched across the garland.

On the other hand, you may consider getting unconventionally themed advent calendars. Some companies now sell products with alcohol and Pringles inside, according to the NPR report. These also make wonderful gifts.

Use Your Art

If you are into painting or other crafts, why not apply your skills to Christmas interior design? Alternatively, use the works you have already created. If one of them hangs above your mantel, put some greenery on it, along with colorful ornaments that match the color of the painting or drawing. This will ensure the look is understated but festive and tasteful.

White and Blue

If it is your favorite color duo, there is no need to give it up. Instead, you could get a white-and-blue tablecloth, Christmas ornaments, and candlesticks. Whatever your color preference, you could still make it look relevant around a Christmas tree. Even yellow accents with fresh citrus fruits are an option.

More Candles!

Add some old-school romantic charm to your Christmas interior. However, as real candles are a serious fire hazard, opt for plastic ones instead. Candle lights still look festive and add coziness while posing no threat.

Use Candy for Decoration

Your Christmas tree may be embellished with only edible decorations. Instead of the ordinary ornaments, hang cookies, gingerbread, gumdrops, candy, or even berry garlands. Popcorn could also be used! There is plenty of room for creativity.

Creative Wrapping

Do not be lazy with your wrapping. The way gifts look under your tree is no less important than their contents. If you are feeling patriotic, you could pick the U.S. national combination of red, white, and blue. Both paper and bows should look classy.

Mug Exhibition

Some hobbies are closely connected to Christmas. If collecting holiday mugs is your penchant, this is the perfect occasion to put them on display. They were made to boost your Christmas spirit. This will add another aesthetic element.

Use Holly Leaves

Play a bit with branches and leaves of holiday plants. Why not attach the latter to your napkin rings? Another cool idea is putting a garland on the dinner table instead of a typical runner. These ideas are easy, but the result is sure to impress.

Craft a Cool Mailbox

If you have kids, they will be excited to see a colorfully decorated mailbox for their messages to Santa Claus. You could also get a playful welcome mat to complete the set. Whatever goes into the mailbox is sent straight to the North Pole!

Fake Your Fireplace

If your house or apartment has only a non-working fireplace, why not fake some flames to add coziness? You could fill your lanterns with string lights instead of ordinary candles. Rather than fake, your fireplace will look welcoming and festive.

Size Down Your Tree

This idea is perfect for people living in the apartment of modest size. Even a tiny plastic Christmas tree will add cheer. You could draw a fireplace on a piece of black canvas, hang stockings onto it, and surround the set with matching blankets and cushions.

Incorporate Tassels

These elements will look classy when hung on doorknobs or desks. If you stick to the classic look, opt for green and red ones. This finishing touch is also very affordable.

Cross-cultural Decor

Other nations that also celebrate Christmas could give you a few useful hints. You could even swap your evergreen for a cactus. It may also be decorated with string lights and garlands for an unusual festive look. This trend has even been covered by the LA Times.


A garland which functions as an advent calendar may be handmade. This could be a colorful set of string paper lights that are actually containers for treats.