How to Hire the Best Candidates for Your Company

Are dozens of applicants applying for the same position? You’re probably wondering how to differentiate the best candidates from the others. Here’s your guide!

Are you looking to hire some help but don’t know where to start? The whole process can seem overwhelming at times. If you’ve received dozens of applicants, you may not know how to determine who your best candidates are.

Fortunately, we’re here to help. Instead of reading dozens of articles, we’ll give you a rundown of what you should be looking for so you can get back to work doing what you do best!

Creating the Short List

If you posted your job opening online, it’s likely that you’ve received a lot of responses. Before you start making cuts, you’ll want to ensure that you know who is best suited for the job at hand.

Identifying the hard and soft skills necessary for the job can be crucial. This is often the best place to start if you’ve already posted your job listing. This will help you identify the strongest candidates that have applied based on their relevance to their tasks.

Because no two jobs are alike, adaptivity is key. Making sure that your candidates are detail-oriented can help you begin to whittle down your list as well. If the candidates who have applied have typos or a messy resume, this may be an indication of what lies ahead.

If you’re a candidate that’s reading this piece for insight into your employer, take this tip. Ensure that your cover letters are spotless and take a second look at your resume.

Your resume is your calling card and the only representation of you that your potential employer will see when making a shortlist. If your resume isn’t up to par, it may be time to consider professional resume services.

Beyond the Short List, Before the Interview

Screening your potential candidates before an interview doesn’t have to require lots of one on one time. A simple assignment can help you find the strongest leads in the bunch.

Assigning a simple piece of homework for your potential employees can help you get a better idea of if they’ll be right for the job. It can also offer you insight into their problem-solving skills.

Try sending your prospective employees an essay question concerning how they would handle a potential issue in the workplace. Responses don’t need to be long. You can advise them to keep their responses between 500-1000 words.

It’s Not Just About Interview Skills

Finding the best candidate from your short list isn’t just about the interview. In fact. some of the candidates who interview best may still be less qualified than other candidates.

Interview skills may be important if you’re looking to fill a position that requires a significant amount of in-person interaction. That said, bear in mind that some jobs that don’t require charisma may be best suited for employees regardless of how charming or well-spoken they may first appear.

Wanted: The Best Candidates for the Job

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