Egocentric Partner
Egocentric Partner

Sex is important for the success of romantic relationships, and it can be really frustrating if your partner is acting selfishly in bed. This can cause even bigger problems in the relationship. But it’s not the end of the world. Here is some advice on effective ways to approach this tricky subject.

Try to communicate with him about his behavior in a loving way

It’s a very sensitive issue, and you will never solve it if you accuse each other. You need to take active steps and discuss what his gestures you like most and what makes you stimulated. You can say it this way: “I liked when you did this.” You shouldn’t be too serious and make sure that you are confident enough in your relationships.

It may happen that if a couple lives together, they may have hard times and the best way to improve their romantic relationships is to take time and speak honestly about their feelings. Maybe you just need to improve communication and let your partner know what makes you feel good. If the partners are students, unhappy relationships can cause problems with studying but completing coursework assignments is a must if you want to earn your degree. In this case, hiring a writer from a reliable writing agency can save the situation.

Have a more in-depth conversation

The majority of people don’t like it when someone is else is telling them that they are actually doing it wrong. You should bring a problem up in a more directed way and choose the most appropriate place (neutral setting) and time. Of course, it’s a private conversation, and you’d better do it at home so your partner can feel safe.

Choose the right words

Watch your language when talking with your partner and avoid such words as “selfish” or “unsatisfied” even if it’s just what you are really feeling about it. Your partner might feel as if he were attacked. Using such words, you will actually criticize them, and you’d better do it in a more positive manner. For example, you may say: “I would like to talk to you about how we can make our relationship better.” Then he may be more receptive to your suggestions.

You need to make suggestions on improving your relationship because without a plan your conversation will not get you anywhere. You should think about what you are going to say and offer specific suggestions about improving sex. You should tell him what really turns you on and make a suggestion that you should try it. It’s important to be specific because it will make your partner more confident in bed. He will know exactly what makes you feel good. You should also ask your partner what they want in bed. It may happen that your partner feels as unhappy in bed as you do.

You should be blunt if you notice that your partner is ignoring your words and there is no change. Maybe it’s not the right relationship you need so don’t be afraid to walk away from it.