Have you ever deleted your important files unknowingly and regretted the decision later? Have you ever lost data and files due to a sudden virus attack, power outage, battery going bad, or a random corruption in a file or folder and had no clue how to retrieve it? If you have been in any of these spots, then you are not alone. Many people like you have committed the same errors, but you need not worry. There is a way to retrieve our lost data back through data recovery software!

Though there are many raved data recovery software available online, Stellar is one of the most trusted and professional data recovery wizards out there. Stellar offers separate data recovery solutions for businesses and individuals.

It covers both kinds of customers and caters to them as per their needs. In addition to this, Stellar offers its lab services in case its software is not enough to recover the lost data. Stellar lab services are particularly aimed at users whose data loss game has gone so bad that even their devices such as hard drive, SSD drive, mobile, laptop, etc. have been corrupted. Users may contact the company and get a quote depending upon the type of service required.

Stellar has partnered with a lot of affiliates, distributors, and resellers in countries worldwide to make its services available to customers with ease. Some of the most popular Stellar partners are Amazon, Walmart, and Lenovo.

Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows Features

Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows has reliable and trustworthy features. Some of these have been listed below:

Technical Specifications

  • Supported Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP
  • Memory Requirement: 2 GB minimum (4GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk Requirement: 250 MB free space
  • Processors Required: Pentium Processors
  • Languages Supported: English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish
  • Software Editions: Professional, Premium, Technician, and Toolkit.
  • Supported File Formats: Stellar Windows Recovery Software supports NTFS, exFAT and FAT (FAT16/FAT32) formatted drives


Recovering Lost or Deleted Data

Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows enables users to recover their lost or deleted files. These include audio, video and image files. This feature also includes recovering of deleted emails and Microsoft Office documents.

Recovering Unbootable System

This is a relatively new feature incorporated into the software. This allows recovering data from an unbootable system or a crashed operating system. Users need to follow steps specified in the website’s guidelines to recover their data with ease.

Lost Partition Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows allows users to locate and scan a deleted or lost partition drive for data recovery.

Recovering Data from Encrypted Devices

Stellar Data Recovery Software allows users to recover data from password-protected devices such as BitLocker encrypted Windows storage media.

Recovers Data from CD/DVD

Stellar Data Recovery can recover data from burnt or damaged CDs/DVDs and other optical media such as HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Repairs Corrupt or Distorted Audio/Video files and Images

Stellar Data Recovery Software helps not only in recovering of deleted or lost images, audio, and video media files but also restores the ones which have been distorted or corrupted.

The audio and video media file formats supported by Stellar Data Recovery software include RMI, WAV, WMV, MPG, WMV, WMA, MP3, AVI, ASF, MPEG, MP4, MOV, etc. Similarly, the image file formats supported by Stellar include BMP, WBMP, WMF, EMF, JPEG, JPG, JP2, PNG, MNG, DIB, GIF, TIF, TIFF, PNM, etc.

Disk Imaging to help recover data from bad sectors

Stellar Data Recovery software can help retrieve data from drives that have bad sectors too. For this purpose, the software has been designed to create a disk image so that the user may select infected areas with ease and recover the files or sectors they wish to recover or retrieve.

Generating previews of files before recovery

Stellar Data Recovery Software can generate previews of files before actually restoring them for the user to view and know-how the restored versions of files may appear.

Performing Deep and Quick Scans

Stellar Data Recovery Software performs two kinds of scans, depending on the gravity of the data loss situation. One is called the ‘Quick scan,’ and the other is called ‘Deep scan.’

In case of a huge data loss, a ‘Deep scan is preferred whereby all drives are scanned comprehensively. A deep scan is usually recommended in cases users have accidentally formatted the drive, or a sudden drive corruption has occurred.

A quick scan, on the other hand, is a faster scan that is performed on a selected drive to recover data from Windows-based media storage devices. This type of scan can be performed in case of accidental file deletions, data disruptions, and distortions, etc.


  1. Free of cost trial download.
  2. Supports the recovering of individual/specific files.
  3. Supports file recovery from removable devices such as pen drive, memory card, external hard drives, etc
  4. Supports 200+ types of file formats and is able to recover them. These file formats include but are not limited to various extensions of Image files, Audio/Video files, Office documents, Acrobat files, emails, internet files, archive files, database files, back up files, and miscellaneous files.
  5. It can recover files from a password-protected or encrypted storage source too.
  6. Offers Student discount
  7. 24/5 Customer support
  8. Covers customers worldwide
  9. Stellar Data Recovery Software for Windows can recover any file format by reading the file header.
  10. The software creates previews of the scanned data to allow exact data recovery as selected by the user.


  1. Supported Operating System: Windows only. Need to make a separate purchase for Mac.
  2. It needs to be used as soon as possible after data loss for 100% data recovery. A delay is its usage means no guarantee all data will be restored.


All in all, Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Windows is a lifesaver when it comes down to recovering all kinds of missing data. Reasonably priced and offering data recovery from a multitude of sources, including removable and broken ones too. As if the features already mentioned were not enough to seal the deal, the company offers such cooperative after-sales support, which makes it by far the most trusted and reliable data recovery software in the market.