If you have a wrecked car sitting around, there’s a good chance you can earn money from it.

Many people think that when their car is wrecked, there’s nothing to do but call a tow truck and get paid $100. While that’s a route that some people choose, there are better ways to sell your car.

Cars after accidents are still valuable because they usually have parts that can be used on other cars. Aside from that, the car can be recycled to make new parts. There are a variety of sites online you can use to sell your vehicle to someone who would make good use of it.

Read on to learn 4 tips on how to sell a car that has been in an accident.

Repair It Before Selling

One of the best things you can do when selling a car after an accident is to make repairs¬†that will increase its value. This can’t be done to all vehicles, only those that haven’t been totaled. What you’ll need to do is sit down with someone that can inspect your car and see what exactly the damages are.

For example, your car may just have cosmetic issues. If you were to scrap it, you’d be missing out on a lot of money. If there are minor issues underneath that can be fixed for a small cost, your car will start increasing in value.

One thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t have to break the bank. If the repair costs would end up costing you several thousands of dollars, it’s best to look for an alternative.

Sell It for Parts

Don’t immediately trade in a wrecked car. Instead, you should see if there are any parts you can pull that will earn you extra cash. If you don’t know much about cars, bring the same person with you that would go to see if your car could use some minor repairs.

When you sell a wrecked car to someone, they’ll either use it to pull parts or recycle the metal. This means that you’ll get less money than your car is worth, so you can do the deed before someone else does.

Now if you plan on selling your car to a private buyer, they may want the car to have all working parts. However, if you list your car as a “parts car,” people will know that your car is a gamble if they buy it. This will prevent anyone from starting drama if they purchase your vehicle and can’t find a specific part.

Try to Trade

Another thing that you can do is trade your vehicle with someone. When selling your car online, you can put in your listing that you’d be willing to accept trade offers. People typically trade wrecked cars for other wrecked cars, but you can ask for other things, too.

This is a way for you to exchange your vehicle for something that you want rather than getting cash. For example, you could trade it for a motorcycle or a cheap car. People will sometimes offer cash with something else to sweeten the deal, so make sure you look for the best offer.

Sell it to an Auto Shop

If you don’t have any luck selling the vehicle by yourself, you can go to an auto shop and trade in a car after an accident. We’re talking about the shops that have junk cars lying around and loud machinery.

These shops will use wrecked cars for a variety of things. With your car, they can pull the parts and sell them. This allows other car owners to buy parts for their vehicle at a much lesser price than standard part stores offer.

Depending on the damages, they might restore your car and sell it for more money. These shops usually do this if wrecked cars don’t have anything worse than cosmetic damage or minor repairs.

After a shop has gotten the most out of your car, they’ll end up recycling it if they chose not to restore it. There are a variety of metals that cars are made of, which can be melted down and formed into new parts.

When these parts are formed, the shop can sell them as well. Selling your car to one of these auto shops benefits everyone in the automotive community because you get to earn extra money, the shop can earn money, and other consumers can buy things for less.

The best part about selling your car to them is that they’ll offer you a different amount of money depending on how much they think they can earn. If your car happens to be a gem, you could walk away with a lot more money than you expected.

Now You Know How to Sell a Car That Has Been in an Accident

Selling a car after an accident can seem like an impossible task, especially if your car is totaled. However, you can still make money from your wrecked car by having patience and networking with others.

“Can I sell my car after an accident?” Yes, knowing how to sell a car that has been in an accident will earn you more money.

If you’re looking to sell, you’ll increase the likelihood of making a sale by repairing any small damages. You can also choose to remove parts and sell those individually if the car is too bad to sell as a whole.

Some people in your area might be willing to trade you for the car, so try to think if there are other things that you’d like to get. When all else fails, you can take it to an auto company that will use it for several things, such as its parts, restoration, and recycling.

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