Travel doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have the itch to see the world, then there are tips and tricks to make travel affordable even on a student budget. The UK is a fantastic country to travel due to its fairly small size and excellent transport links.

You can experience white sandy beaches in Cornwall, beautiful architecture in Bath, the bustling city of London, and the breathtaking Scottish Highlands without requiring a passport or a lengthy wait in the airport.

You can never get bored of this truly unique country, and the best way to see it is undoubtedly a road trip! Here are a few top tips to ensure your trip remains student budget friendly…

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Borrow or book a Campervan

A campervan is a road trip essential and can double up as a place to rest your head at night, saving you money on hostels and hotels. Although sleeping in the campervan will cut costs, especially when traveling through the countryside and coastal areas, you’ll definitely want to plan a few hotel nights too.

Hiring one of these vehicles can be pricey, especially if you’re under the age of 25, but with a big enough group sharing out the costs you should be okay. You could also speak to a friend or family member and ask about borrowing their van for the weekend. They can put you on their insurance for a couple of days, which is likely much cheaper than hiring one for a weekend.

This way you can freshen up and enjoy a few hotel luxuries, it will feel like a nice treat after spending the previous few nights in the back of the van! Be sure to pack a quality sleeping bag (even in the summer it can get extremely cold at night), a few blankets, a torch and plenty of baby wipes.

Compare Hotel Prices

After several nights sleeping on the road, you’ll be craving a warm shower and a comfy double bed. It’s worth checking in to a hotel during visits to busy cities such as London, Manchester, and Liverpool. To save a few pounds, be sure to use an online comparison site to compare Manchester hotels or Edinburgh hostels and bag the best rate. Booking last minute can sometimes save you a nice sum of cash, as the hotels are eager to get rid of the spare rooms, and so you might end up in a plush five-star hotel for the night!

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Pack Your Supplies

Food is one of the biggest money sponges when traveling and can drain your funds when you’re regularly eating in restaurants. Instead, do a food shop before embarking on your travels and stock up on non-perishable items such as cereal bars and dried fruit.

Why not organize a BBQ one night? You can purchase disposable BBQ’s for a small cost, and it will make for a lovely evening in the countryside with a few sausages on the grill! It’s also substantially cheaper than heading out to eat.

Be sure to pack a reusable water bottle too; it will be cheaper than buying bottled water and better for the planet, simply fill it up when you stop off for a toilet break and save money on bottled water.

Use Apps to Plan Your Trip

Take advantage of the free technology you have at your fingertips; there are tonnes of fantastic apps to help you plan and save money on your travels. You can download apps that can tell you the best things to do for free in any given area or get your money back on restaurant visits if you do decide to treat yourself.

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Book activities online before the day

Most locations, such as zoos and museums, offer a discount for those who prebook online. This means more cash in your pocket for other fun things!

You can discover museums, galleries, and exhibitions that you may have otherwise been unaware of. The UK is great for free attractions, and you may find that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to have plenty of fun!