Are you searching for a unique and inspirational way of promoting your business? Perhaps you want to showcase your portfolio? Did you know that you can use to share your products and services with your clients? This article will look at ways that you can effectively market your business using a photo book.

Create a photo book with is a site that allows you to create beautiful photo books that you can use to present your portfolio to prospective clients. has everything you need to make professional-quality photo books that will last for years to come. They have beautifully themed books in classic layouts or with swirls or floral motifs. All you need to do is upload your photos to the site, choose a color scheme and design, and Mixbook will automatically create your photo book.

Marketing with Photo Books

You’ll also be able to add your company’s logo and tag line to use for branding. This could be positioned on the cover of the book, to tell potential customers what your business is all about. is a convenient tool for business owners as it allows them to create beautiful photo books that can be used to showcase their portfolio. Once your book has been printed, you can use this in a few different ways as a marketing tool.

If you’re a business person who regularly meets with clients, having a photo book to show them is a great marketing tactic. You can include images of past projects that you’ve worked on. A photo book is an easy to view format which clients will be able to look through while enjoying a coffee.

You can also leave a copy of your photo book in the waiting room of your business premises or meeting room for people to flick through. If you regularly attend trade shows, taking along a photobook is a fantastic idea.

Photo Books for Freelancers

Freelance artists and designers can use photo books to showcase their best work. Many freelancers say that their photo book has become an invaluable tool that they can take to client meetings, interviews, and networking events.

Potential clients are often impressed by a photo book, and hopefully, this will allow you to get more business. If you’re an artist, designer, photographer, or make-up artist, a photo book will show off your skills and talents.

Charity Photo Book

If your business is raising awareness of a certain cause or raising funds, a photo book can be used to explaining how your business is helping. You can include images and text that give details of your purpose to inspire others to get involved and make a difference. It could help to persuade others to donate money or volunteer.

Hotel Guest Book

If you own a hotel or B&B, you could create a photo book that can also be used as a guest book. You could use photos and text to tell the hotel’s story.

Alternatively, you could create custom photo books for each of the guest’s rooms, which will tell them what there is to see and do in the local area.