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Almost 3 billion people have email accounts. This number is enough to illustrate the importance of email and email marketing. Like in any marketing campaign, the first step in email marketing is listing your requirements. The next and most important step is to make sure your requirements are effectively executed. An email signature is among the many important ingredients of making a successful email marketing campaign. In fact, making an email signature effective is as important as using one. In case you are wondering how to use your email signature effectively, here are a few tips to help you.

Follow Email Signature Trends

Look around and observe the market trends. While it is important to have unique features to your marketing campaigns, for something like an email signature, it is equally important to be in the loop with trends. Include all the vital information required and use your email signature as an opportunity to build on your email content. Also, there are some other things you need to keep in mind while creating the perfect email signature for your business, which you can find reading our take on the email signature trends of 2019.

Add a Banner and Use It to Your Advantage

Along with sharing relevant contact details, an email signature is a great place to share information that is difficult to integrate into your email text. If your business has an upcoming seminar or event; or if your company just produced a case study that is worth highlighting; or if you have some other initiative like a webinar or something else that deserves highlighting, then an email signature banner is a great place to integrate this information. An email signature with a clear Call to Action in the form of a banner can greatly help your email marketing efforts.

Use a Professional Assistance

In an era when all tasks are simplified with the help of apps and technology, why not use this for something as important as your email signature? This is meant to be a rhetorical question; yes, you should seek professional assistance. With an increased demand for email signatures, there is an increase in great email generators online like Newoldstamp that help ensure the effective use of email signatures. The benefit of using these professional assistance tools is that simple things like design and size of email signatures and complex things like integrating appointment calendars are taken care of. As a result, the company efforts can be directed towards the email content instead of the email signature design.

Avoid Silly Mistakes

While an email signature can be a great way to wrap up your email content if used wisely, it can have adverse results too. In order to keep the readers’ attention, it is important to avoid links overload and incorrect use of HTML. If you have a diverse group of target customers, simply make different versions of your email signature incorporating relevant links. Additionally, including HTML can add character to your email signature only if it is easily accessible. Make sure you test compatibility across all devices before you start incorporating HTML in your email campaign. Avoiding silly mistakes will ensure your prospects are not overwhelmed by your email campaign efforts.

Incorporate a Link Tracker

We have established that an email signature is a great place to put links to your company, social media accounts, and website. But are people actually clicking on these links? Instead, a better question is, are you tracking if people are clicking on these links? If not, it is time to incorporate a link tracker in your email signature. Collecting this data will give you valuable insight into whether or not your target audience is engaging with your email content. Plus, it increases the value and effectiveness of email signatures.

Consistency is Key

Whether your company has 5 employees or 5000 employees, they need to be in sync with your company efforts at all times. So, in the context of email signatures, this means that the email signatures of all employees across any company need to be consistent. In the process, you will ensure that the recipients are getting the same message company-wide. For example, if you are promoting an event, this can be particularly effective. Just remember, consistency is key in all marketing efforts, including your email marketing campaign.

Ensure Credibility

Credibility comes from a lot of things, ranging from associating with industry leaders to ensuring each aspect of your brand contact is impeccable. The last thing a brand wants is to lose contact over a typo in a marketing email. Believe it or not, typos happen, but there is a simple way to address this. A Stanford University study found that readers were more forgiving of mistakes in emails signed off with “sent from iPhone.” So, incorporating “sent from iPhone” (or any message that indicates that your content is sent from a mobile device prone to autocorrect and typos) into an email signature can be a great way to ensure readers are forgiving of any potential mistakes an email content may have. Think of this as insurance through your email signature for your email content.

Boost Return on Investment (ROI)

Ultimately, the goal of email signatures is to help increase your ROI on your email marketing efforts. Simply put, an email signature that is able to boost the bottom line is effective. A Hubspot-conducted case study on the Science of Email Signatures shows that a clutter-free email signature with a clickable call to action helps improve the ROI on email marketing. This study focused on the areas the subjects focused on while browsing through an email to draw conclusions. Long story short, based on eye moments, integrating clickable calls to action in email signatures can increase its effectiveness and thereby contribute towards greater ROI.

Remember that an email signature is the last part of your email content. Though saving the best for the last might be a cliche, the statement does have some merit. Your email signature does have the ability to have a lasting impact on your readers’ mind. So, make sure you use this to your advantage.