YouTube Subscribers
YouTube Subscribers

If you already have established a YouTube channel, you already know how important it is to understand how the platform’s algorithm works. When it favors your channel and videos, you are more likely to end up on the recommended video section, thus gaining more new subscribers. One way to boost your channel is to buy 500 YouTube views for each of your videos and make them more visible by more users.

In this article, you will discover what the YouTube algorithm values the most and what you do to make it favor your content.

#1 How Many Clicks a Video is Getting in a Search

The YouTube algorithm is built to value the content that gets the most attention and shows the biggest engagement rate. One of the metrics that show to the algorithm that a video is successful is its click-through rate, which is the number of times that a user clicked to watch the video when it appeared after a search. There are many elements that influence the user’s decision to click on a video, such as a video’s thumbnail, title, and a short description.

#2 The Overall Watch Time of your Videos

Another metric that the YouTube algorithm checks to see if a video is worth recommending to more users is its watch time. This practically means how many minutes or hours the video was viewed in total. Creating videos that are watched over and over again, even from the same users, will increase the overall watch time of your videos. For this reason, you should aim to get your viewers to click on the replay button or to recommend your videos to their friends.

#3 The User Retention

One more thing that the YouTube algorithm is taking into consideration is how successful you are at retaining users in your channel. By user retention, we are referring to how many of your videos each user has actually watched in your channel. This means that even though you have viral success, you still need enough views on the rest of your content as well. One simple way to tackle this problem is to get YouTube views for each one of your videos.

#4 Each User’s Previously Watched and Liked Videos

Other than the metrics of your channel, the YouTube algorithm also takes into consideration each user’s preferences. These elements are harder to control and optimize, even though you can still find ways to do it. The first important thing that the algorithm checks are what type of videos the user has watched and liked. If you are creating content that follows the trends, then it is very likely that the users you are targeting have already watched and liked similar videos. This way, your chances of getting recommended by the algorithm are greater.

#5 The Demographics and Location of Each User

Lastly, the YouTube algorithm is checking the location and demographics of each user, before it recommends some videos to him. This is because every channel usually has a similar audience that shows similar age, gender, and location patterns. This is certainly an element that you can’t control, however, you can still buy 500 YouTube views to help your videos reach more users.

Ways to Make the YouTube Algorithm Favor you

Now that you know what the YouTube algorithm is checking to figure out which videos are worth recommending and what SEO for YouTube really is, it is time to explore some ways to help your videos.

#1 Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

As we have already mentioned, the number of times that a video was clicked when appeared on a search is very important. For this reason, you need to make great efforts to create effective thumbnails that capture users’ attention. Use color contrasts to guide the eyes to your thumbnail and bold fonts to let users know of the video’s content. Moreover, it is proven that thumbnails with faces and extreme expressions are more likely to be clicked than the rest of the images.

#2 Make Users Stay and Watch the Rest of your Content

Since the algorithm values the number of videos that a user has watched on your YouTube channel, you need to make sure that all of your videos get attention. Promote the rest of your videos at an end screen, while you can also place some cards on your videos. Moreover, create video series that will have users watch multiple episodes. If your videos have enough views, then the users will want to check them out. To motivate them even more, you can buy 500 YouTube views.

#3 Keep the Interest of the Users to Make them Watch the Video Until the End

Your videos’ actual watch time is as important as the number of views and likes that it has. For this reason, you always need to check if your viewers are watching your content until the end. If you find that they are quitting half-way through, then you might need to upload shorter videos. On the contrary, if your videos have a high watch time, then you can experiment with even longer content that will help your channel even more.

#4 Post Content According to your Niche’s Trends

Previously, we have mentioned that YouTube will recommend videos that are similar to the ones that a user has watched and likes. For this reason, it is essential that you check the trends of your niche and adapt accordingly. When a type of video gets viral, a lot of users watch and like it. If you are quick to create a similar video, then it will end up being recommended by the algorithm. However, you should remember to also buy 500 YouTube views to boost it even more.

#5 Create and Promote your Video Playlists

Lastly, one more way to give views to all the content on your channel is to create video playlists. With the use of this feature, the user will keep watching all of your content without having to click and search on your channel.

Understanding the YouTube algorithm is important, in order to become successful on the platform. Once you follow the rules, you can buy 500 YouTube views to help your channel reach more users and gain more attention.