Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a few weeks. This means that you are running out of time to get the perfect gift for your partner! If you haven’t decided what to get your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife for Valentine’s Day, then you should consider getting a beautiful oil painting done.

Here at Paint Your Life, our talented artists are able to turn your photos into breathtaking paintings. So, all you have to do is find a picture of you and your partner that you love and one of our artists will turn the picture to a painting.

Valentine’s Day canvas art serves as both a highly original gift and a reminder of the love you and your partner share for each other. So, you should go through your home and your Instagram or Facebook pages to find the picture to turn into an oil painting. Then share the picture with us and we will take care of the rest!

Jessica’s Perfect Oil Painting

If anyone knows just exactly how powerful and emotional it can be to have a picture turned into a painting, it is Jessica. Jessica and her husband were married over twelve years ago. However, even though they had a beautiful wedding and had many pictures taken on that day, they never had a painting done from that special day, and they always regretted it.

Jessica and her husband had so much regret about not having a painting done, that they were still speaking about it even a decade later. So, after seeing an ad for Paint Your Life on Facebook, Jessica finally decided to take action.

She rummaged through all of her favorite pictures from her wedding and decided on three. She then sent these three to the artists at Paint Your Life, who decided on the one that was best for the painting. The artist then completed the painting with the best oil paints and it was shipped to Jessica’s home.

Speaking about the painting, Jessica said, “I was elated! It looked so much like the photo, but also like a painting! The artist captured our happiness from the day.” The picture shows the happy couple embracing after just being married. Jessica’s husband is in his U.S. Military uniform and Jessica is in a stunning wedding dress.

Express Your Appreciation for Your Partner Through Art

If you want to make a strong emotional impact on Valentine’s Day, then you should express your appreciation and love through art. Just imagine the look on your partner’s face when he or she opens the gift and sees one of his or her favorite pictures of the two of you brought to life through the magic of painting.

When he or she lays on this painting, he or she will be filled with a tremendous sense of being cared about and loved. There is just something wonderful about art that helps to express that which is difficult to put into words. By expressing your love through art, you can truly make your partner feel special on Valentine’s Day.

Whether you have been together for a few months, a few years, or even decades, you can help to reignite the spark between you and your partner through a gorgeous painting. Once the painting is done, you will be able to forever relive that special moment that occurred between the two of you at some point in your lives. Few gifts exist in the world that could ever be as romantic and meaningful.

Join the Paint Your Life Family

When you commission a painting to be done for your partner for Valentine’s Day, you will be joining the Paint Your Life family. Not only will you give your partner one of the best Valentine’s Days that he or she has ever had, but you will also become part of a community of people who have brought incredible paintings from Paint Your Life into their lives.

Once you see the finished product, and once you see how beautiful it looks in your home, you may want to return to have paintings done for other occasions. For example, you can have a family portrait done, you can have a painting of your beloved pet done, you can have a painting of your mother or father done, etc.

No matter who the subject of the painting will be, or what the occasion is, turning a photo into a painting through Paint Your Life is the ideal way to preserve the memory for decades!

To understand just exactly how emotionally powerful a painting from Paint Your Life can be, check out the following video of some of our best reveals.

Feel free to record your partner’s reaction to his or her painting and send it to us!