MDCAT and ECAT Preparations
MDCAT and ECAT Preparations

The appropriate way to groom yourself and skills to score higher

Planning and effort hard for making your future secure and bright are what everyone does. And for which you studied hard and select a career with which you think you can be an efficacious person in society. Here in Pakistan, a lot of students want to become doctor and engineer not just for the sake of a successful career but for the serving nation as well.

What makes you a perfect student? Of course, your self-devotion and willpower and focus on your aim. Aim to be a good doctor or engineer, aim of getting admission in top medical, dental colleges and engineering university. It seems easy, but actually, it is not as it looks like.

Dreaming is good, but it gives you joy only when you make it the reality. And to make your dream comes true what do you think you have to do? Is work harder or smarter? If you don’t know the proper answer of this basic and worthy question, you are at great risk. The risk of being a failure. No need to worry, be with us and make your all concepts clear and be a successful person.

Intermediate examination an important milestone

First, you have to pass your matriculation exam with science subjects with good marks to get admission in F.Sc pre-medical or pre-engineering. In the new world of college, you experience a new method of teaching. A new and tricky phase of your life.

There are three main things which make you an outstanding student, and they are

1) Method of teaching

2) Learning skills

3) Level of intelligence

Method of teaching changes in college but rest of two always remains the same as you. It is your level of intelligence now with which you improve your learning skills and understand the new way of teaching. Now you have to work hard and score high to touch the merit line set by all well-known medical and engineering universities.

Once you are on merit set by your dream institute, it is not all over. You are facing a real challenge now in the form of MDCAT and ECAT. A medical, dental and engineering college admission test.

What are MDCAT and ECAT?


The MCAT/MDCAT is a formal test which is intended to survey your direction over essential ideas of Science subjects like Physics, Biology, Chemistry, English, basic reasoning and your critical thinking abilities.

MCAT/MDCAT preliminary course prepares the brain to make taught surmises and to boost opportunities to pick remedy answers. Consistently University of Health Sciences (UHS) is in charge of sorting out the MCAT/MDCAT for all general society division medical and dental sectors of Punjab.

Basic criteria for ECAT

ECAT (Engineering Colleges Admission Test) is MCQ’s based examination which is an obligatory step to be taken by applicants who need to take admission in Engineering Universities.

Consistently University of Engineering and Technology (UET) arranges the ECAT exam for all open part organizations of Punjab.

Applicant should have clear FSC Pre-Engineering with a mix of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from a Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education of Pakistan or a comparable examination perceived by the college.

Intermediate examination with a mix for Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science will just be worthy for Computer Science and Engineering, City and Regional Planning, Architecture and Product & Industrial Design.

Intermediate examination with a mix of Physics, Mathematics, and Statistics will just be worthy for Computer Sciences, Architecture and Product City and Regional Planning, and Industrial Design.

The applicant must have at least 60% marks in F.Sc/ICS/DAE/B.Sc/B.Tech. He needs to give the college Entry test for the specific educational field.

Diploma Holders

Seats are reserved for the diploma holders who have practiced their examination of the diploma. Merit for appearing in ECAT for diploma holders is bit high, and they can apply for their relevant fields only if they fulfill the requirements of merit.

Basic criteria of MDCAT

It is not like a simple test; this test includes 10% of your matriculation and 40% of intermediate marks as well as 50% of MDCAT test marks. This test is conducted by UHS.

Applicants must have a base score of 660/1100 checks in F.Sc Pre-Medical. Applicant must have the intermediate Pre-Medical certificate with suitable marks for applying in medical college. The equality of capability is controlled by the Inter Board Committee of Chairman, Islamabad (IBCC).

The competitor having a residence of any locality of Punjab and Islamabad (ICT) can appear in the Entry Test of Punjab.

Pupils of Gilgit-Baltistan will likewise show up in the Entry Test of Punjab for confirmation against spaces saved for them in government dental and medical colleges of Punjab.

As per the rules of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, there is no age restriction for the appearance in Entry Test.

Conventional methods and their cost of preparing MDCAT and ECAT

Books, key books, notes, tutors, academies and home tuitions. Yes, it is the season of entry test and everyone is busy studying and preparing itself to score higher. Usually, there are academies almost in every big city of Punjab who is preparing students for the biggest test of their life. With multiple timing, they are educating students from past many years.

Many students purchase easy notes and key books for preparation which is quite unexpansive but very risky because if there could be any confusion or miss-conception, they don’t have the medium with which they clear their problems.

On the other hand, academics are also not reliable anymore. Especially if you are not from a big city or you don’t have any of franchise of those academies in your city who preparing students for MDCAT and ECAT you are in big trouble. Because now is the time to through money out from your pockets without knowing the result.

What option you think you have left rather move to a big city, find temporary accommodation there near the academy along with the mess. What else you think the problem is? At the time when you have to focus on your books, you are wandering for an apartment, and there isn’t any surety either it would be convenient for you or not.

It could be far away from your academy, it could be costly, and maybe you don’t get a good mess there and get sick. How can you prepare yourself for examination if you are not fine? You have to purchase costly notes almost every week and yes, after your exam is over all those notes are worthless.

You have to spend thousands on the academy, thousands for accommodation per month, thousands for notes almost every week, thousands for meals and mess per month, thousands of transportation every month. Eventually, in a few months, you spend hundreds of thousands. Well, there are so many things you should keep in mind if you are leaving your city.

Luckily if you have academies in your hometown you can save your money but what about time? Time is money and you know it’s worth now very well. You are traveling now for the academy, maybe the timing is not acceptable or convenient for you. Maybe you will not feel comfortable in a big group of student.

Is Online Preparation of MDCAT and ECAT really an option?

Maybe, maybe not. If you are taking a lot of risk for leaving your city for preparation where you are not even sure for a good neighborhood and don’t know how problematic it could be then why not give a chance to online preparation for MDCAT and ECAT, at least you are not leaving your city not even home.

In order to save time actually, it is really a good option. If you have big academies in your hometown it is still the best option. As you don’t need to adjust in a massive crowd of students. If you have any confusion in any concept or topic, you can ask again and again until and unless you are satisfied, while in a crowd you surely feel hesitation to ask a question twice.

In addition to this, you don’t need to pay thousand for notes and key books. You can save your money as well as time. You can have video lectures of best subject specialist professors, previous papers of MDCAT and ECAT and best self-examine test system which you do not have in any academy.

You can study anywhere or anytime whenever you are free, you can ask any question regarding study from best professors, you don’t need to leave your home at all, and you don’t need group study at all.

There isn’t any reason that we should not count online entry test preparation for MDCAT and ECAT as an option.

Academies or online preparation, which is a better way to hit a higher score?

Do you remember the three things we discuss earlier for being an outstanding student? Yes, the method of teaching, learning abilities, and level of intelligence. It is time to solve the equation.

When you have spent already many years with an educational system and still need more for preparation, do you really think that the previous method of teaching was good? If it was then why do you need more time to prepare yourself for entry test? And when you are looking for more then why you still want to give another chance to the procedure which has flaws and didn’t make you perfect in past years? A question raised on the method of teaching.

The second thing is your learning ability. Didn’t you learn that the ordinary method of teaching is not enough to quench your thirst of knowledge? A question raised on your learning abilities.

Do you think you are intelligent and capable enough to be a good doctor or engineer? If you still go with academies especially when you see that after working hard for two years. Have you still thirst for more perfection and knowledge? A question raised on your intelligence level.

Remember the first thing is optional while the rest of the two is in your hand? Do you remember we have discussed earlier that to work harder or smarter? A donkey can tow and bear more burden than you, but definitely, he is not smarter than you. You work hard earlier and rewarded with great marks. Now it is time to work smarter.

There are many students who score higher in their intermediate examination but fail in their entry test because they work harder not smarter. Do remember that dreaming is good, but it gives you joy only when you turn them into reality. So be smarter and select the best option for being the best in your competitors and to join the best institutes to make your dream come true.