MadmaxMoney Talk is the man of the moment, or at the very least, a man of dedication towards his home country. His latest single, ‘Haitian Music Industry,’ has amassed over 150K global streams. His appearance on several music platforms deemed his song a viral hit, spawning countless loving and high-profile fans.

But who is Madmax Money Talk?

Popularly known by the name Madmax Money Talk, Maxime Erassaint is a man of immense musical ability.

Raised in Haiti and now based in Florida, Madmax Money Talk has been writing songs since he was quite young. His dream is to contribute to the Haitian Music Industry and collaborate with talented artists to make music.

He has written songs across different genres, fusing together Haitian music with Rap and Creole. His voice is energetic despite being in a music industry that faces infrastructure and accessibility issues regularly, modestly conveying the details of his success in the Haitian music industry as if they were usual.

HMI: Haitian Music Industry

Madmax Money Talk released his song Haitian Music Industry in January 2020. As a result, he gained a massive fan following on YouTube alone. His featured music video for HMI was a success due to its professional cinematography and flawless editing.

His featured hit single Haitian Music Industry is all about what’s happening in the music business in Haiti. As a Haitian music artist, Madmax Money Talk believes that there are many things in the Haitian Music Industry that needs to be fixed. Through making music, he feels, but it is one of his responsibilities to talk about crucial topics such as what is going on in the Haitian Music Industry to be popular as the music industries worldwide.

All across the United States and other music industries worldwide, music artists of all ages are given a platform to succeed and reach out to the world. Music artists and songwriters achieve a fan following in a matter of months while several music artists in Haiti are crossing their prime age without being discovered.

Madmax Money Talk makes it a point to highlight that many artists in the Haitian Music Industry do not want to talk about the things that go wrong. Still, it is one of his main goals regardless. The song Haitian Music Industry is an ode to his feeling about what needs to be done to make the Haitian Music Industry as great as any other.

He wants to put his points out there for the government and the musicians so that they also collaborate to make the Haitian Music Industry better.

Hit Singles & Collaborations

After years of songwriting for other artists, he debuted several hit singles and has been hot on the rise since. The tracklist includes: ‘The Club,’ ‘Trouble Boy,’ ‘Lavi San Lanmou,’ ‘Mad Mad,’ ‘KonkouLanmou,’ and ‘Chanpyon.’

Over the years, Madmax Money Talk has collaborated with several famous music artists. The list includes Kolonel, Steeve Khe, Belo, Costy Jay, Trouble Boy Hitmaker, Fantom, and Dutty. Madmax hopes to work with more famous artists in the near future.

Madmax Money Talk and Goals

As a Haitian music artist, MadmaxMoney Talk wants to serve as an example to youngsters through his music. He hopes to change the Haitian Music Industry by inspiring other individuals to make music and help the industry grow.

One of his important goals is to be respectful and supportive of other music artists to rise together. The music industry can be challenging and cut-throat at times; however, Madmax is fully centered on developing his music and helping the Haitian Music Industry.

Madmax Money Talk aims to make Creole music known everywhere globally, which is a goal he shares with other Haitian music artists. The music scene in Haiti is a combination of influences drawn from different people who settled on the Caribbean island. This combination reflects hip hop Creole, mini jazz-rock bands, conpas, and meringue.

Undoubtedly, Haitian music is heavily influenced by European colonial ties and African migration. Haitian Creole is an ever-changing music genre that incorporates African rhythms with Haitian and European aesthetics. Madmax Money Talk makes most of his music in Creole because he wants the world to gain awareness about the genre that is close to his heart.

While being a modern music artist, Madmax chooses to make music in Haitian music genres rather than English. Even though a large chunk of his following is English, Madmax Money Talk chooses to stay loyal to his goal of elevating the Haitian Music Industry.

Madmax Money Talk’s Success Regardless of Haitian Music Industry Obstacles

As a young boy, Madmax Money Talk discovered that songwriting and making music was an actual career option he could take. He soon realized his talents and the awareness of how much he loves music.

It was pretty clear to Madmax that he wanted to be part of the music industry no matter what hurdles he faced. As a music fan, you don’t usually think about drawbacks, infrastructure issues, or even access to the world’s music industry.

Haiti is a country with several under-appreciated artists and untapped potential. Even though the spotlight shines bright on multimillion-dollar song artists, there isn’t a center stage for everyone. In other words, not everyone found global success mainly because of the economical and geographical barriers of being part of the Haitian Music Industry.

However, within the underbelly of the thriving country, you’ll find a fully stocked armory of music artists and songwriters brimming with talent, including Madmax Money Talk and several others.

The Future

On the topic of what message Madmax Money Talk was trying to relay through his hit single Haitian Music Industry, Madmax comments, “I am tired of artists making great music and hit records but not making any money off of them.” He also states, “the Haitian Music Industry needs unity and love among each other to succeed,” and that is exactly what he aims for in the future.