One slot machine is fantastic – it gives you entertainment for potentially hours (or at least a long time if your budget is big or you spend carefully), and it’s a wonderful way to unwind and relax. What could be better? Well, the answer is a slot game that has not just one bonus star spin game tucked away inside it, but that actually has a lot of games all in one. You can really go to town on enjoying yourself here, and that’s exactly what you get with Mega Spin games.

What Are Mega Spins?

Mega Spin games are a series of five different games, but each of these games has multiple screens, meaning there are a number of different games you can play. This was an idea by Microgaming, and although Mega Spins were released quite some time ago now, they are just as popular today as they have always been. Read on to discover more about these five games and why they are fun to play.

Mega Spin Major Millions

Mega Spin Major Millions has six different screens, and each one is a slot by itself, with three reels and three paylines. This is what you might call a classic slot, since the symbols are traditional cherries, 7s, and bars from one to three. You can play with 1p as a minimum bet, so this is a great one to stretch that budget as far as it will go. When you play, you might come across the wild symbol, which in this case is the slot logo. This can substitute for any other symbol, so it’s a great way to complete a winning combination.

Mega Spin Double Magic

As opposed to Major Millions which is fixed, in Double Magic, you can choose the number of screens you want to play with. The minimum number is four and the maximum is nine. Each screen has a single pay line, and again the symbols are the traditional ones, although stars are also added to the mix. The minimum bet is still 1p (the maximum is £5). The blue stars are what you really want to see here since this is the wild which will help you to complete any number of winning combinations.

Mega Spin High 5s

Another Mega Spin game with nine screens, and another choice (from four up) as to how many you want to activate and play at the same time. In fact, this game is pretty much the same as the Double Magic, except when it comes to how much you can play with up to £135 per spin if you want to – that’s what makes this Mega Spin the one for the high rollers. But with high risk comes a potentially high reward, since you can win up to 15,000 coins if you get the wilds aligned in the right places.

Mega Spin Fantastic 7s

This game is very similar to High 5s, but it’s much simpler, harking right back to the original fruit machines. That means there are no wilds, no bonuses, just the pure and simple slot game. So if you’re a high roller who likes their slots played in the most traditional way, Fantastic 7s is the game for you.