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People who are new to the casino industry and are exploring its various aspects often wonder about the size of casinos based on Native American reservations.

You can often hear them asking – Are their payouts any different? Are you expected to pay taxes to the government on your winnings from these casinos? Why are native Americans associated with gambling and casino businesses? With a large number of casinos on Native American lands, you’re guaranteed to find at least one in almost every state of the US. Let’s tell you about the top 4 Native American casino facts that you might not be aware of.

Their gambling revenues are bigger than that of Las Vegas

As per figures of 2017, the gaming revenues of Native American casinos increased by 3.9% and reached a figure of $ 32.4 billion. Compared to that, Las Vegas revenues stood at $ 17.8 billion, including gaming, food, beverages, and accommodations. Sin City’s gambling revenue for that year was only $ 6 billion. Though people prefer Las Vegas for their vacations, the ones who like visiting casinos on a regular basis, prefer the closer-home Native American establishments.

They are much bigger compared to Las Vegas casinos

If you’re someone who is yet to visit Las Vegas, you should know that the hotels there are massive in size. Yet, you cannot call their casinos the biggest in the world! If we talk purely about the size of the gaming floors, the WinStar World Casino and Resort situated in Thackerville Oklahoma is considered the biggest casino in all of the United States. To put things in perspective, the top 3 casinos in the US-based on the square feet area of the gaming floor are Winstar, Foxwoods resort Casino (Mashantucket, Connecticut) and Las Vegas’ MGM Grand.

The casino games available at Native American casinos are unregulated

The casino games found in Native American casinos are unregulated, unlike the casinos of Las Vegas. Every Indian casino can have its own payment schedules, and there are no clear-cut rules to display the payout percentages on the games. In fact, you’d be surprised by their tax rules too! However, this doesn’t imply that these casinos are not profitable for the gamblers. Some of these have very loose odds. But because every casino has the liberty to follow its own rules, the experiences of gamblers are purely anecdotal. In general, slots are slightly tight at the Indian casinos while table games seem more generous.

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The feel and vibe is quite different compared to the Las Vegas casinos

Although both the local gambling venues on the Native American reservations as well as the high-end casinos on the Las Vegas strip might offer you complimentary stays, drinks, meals and more, there’s a big difference in how guests are treated at these two different types of gambling venues.

Going by what gamblers have to say, even though the policies might be the same in both these casino types, the overall experience and clientele vary. For instance, why would you spend a night in a local reservation hotel when you are only 20 minutes away from your home? Las Vegas on the other hand normally attracts a lot of vacationers who are willing to let loose. As local casino visits are not as relaxing or thrilling as the Las Vegas holidays, the vibe is obviously different.