Oster Bread Machine 5838


The Oster bread machine 5838 is not the most expensive bread machine, but it’s easy to use and has a simple interface. If you need a simple machine that is able to do a decent variety of bread, this should work fine. The machine itself seems to be decent construction. The outside is plastic, and the bread compartment is metal, with a heating element. It cleans up easily, inside and out. Just be careful not to bend or otherwise damage the heating element. The lid’s hinge is fairly loose. This isn’t a problem as far as making bread is concerned. The loaves collapse a bit, but they come out nice and soft, they have thus far never stuck to the pan. This machine does use a paddle at the bottom of the pan that comes away inside the loaf so your bread will have a hole in the bottom. Some people don’t like this. You may get the Bread Lovers Bread Machine CookBook because the manual only provides a couple of dozen recipes, and I found the recipes in Bread Lovers were MUCH MUCH better.

The manual that comes with the Oster bread machine 5838 is rather cheap. You’d expect a manual that comes with a kitchen appliance–especially one that contains recipes and will, therefore, be around flour, water, oil, etc.– to be made to withstand a kitchen environment. Not the case here. Fortunately, you can download a new copy from the manufacturer’s web site if your manual gets ruined. Bread Lovers also goes into a little of the science behind baking bread, and baking in the bread machine. The Oster 5838 ExpressBake Breadmakers makes a fine bread.

Oster bread machine 5838 controls are extremely simple to master, and the touch screen type is great, It prompts you as to when to add other ingredients. The color choice for the crust seems to always come out exactly what you’ve chosen it to be whether light, medium, or dark. Oster bread machine 5838 makes the most beautiful, shaped loaves, that are perfectly textured on the inside and crispy on the outside. The Oster bread machine 5838 is extremely easy to clean with the Teflon coated inside basket with one exception: the mixing paddle gets dough caught inside it and also around the ring which sits on at the bottom of the basket. You can use as a toothpick to ream around it and get the dough off even after it’s washed. You have a choice to use both the recipes in the manual and outside recipes that I have found, both with great success. You DO have to follow the directions for the addition of the ingredients implicitly. You DO have to follow their direction for EXACT ingredient measurements. All that is really easy to do.  Well worth the money, I highly recommend The Oster bread machine 5838.