Georgia looked around at her living room. It appeared aged, drab and lifeless, with an outdated color scheme that couldn’t look any less appealing. This was particularly evident in the shade of her curtains, which, to be honest, had looked out of character and past its era even when she had bought the property five years ago.

The color was a sickly green mesh, which didn’t blend with the background outside. It made the room appear dark and dreary, and the material was old and offered next to no privacy.

‘That’s it!’ she thought. ‘Time to change the palette of these windows and let in some vibrancy.’

When it comes to adding life back into our homes, the living/lounge room is one space many of us spend a large portion of our time. A bland color tone can make a room feel uninviting, and this can happen if the colors we choose for our window coverings don’t suit. Your window coverings should give you the privacy you desire, but also invite you into the living space. Here is my guide to choosing the dash of color to your curtains.

A touch of privacy:

When choosing curtain colors, ready-made curtains can be a great idea. Blockout curtains help to create that great sense of privacy, and they come in a wide variety of colors.

In addition, by being ready-made, all you have to do is pick the color you desire. Blockout coverings are also energy efficient, helping to keep the heat out in summer and cold out in winter.

Therefore, whether you want them in a dark blue or a bright red, blackout curtains can give you your own personal space, while letting in the outdoors.

Align with your walls:

It may sound strange when you’re trying to add a touch of vitality to your rooms, but in order to create harmony, make sure your colors don’t clash.

As in my scenario, you don’t want light green if your walls are an apricot tone (speaking from experience!).

Choose a shade that will allow light in when opened, but also feels cozy and comfortable to suit you and will fit in with your desired room. Matching the wall color can also make your room look more expansive.

Understand your room’s purpose:

When adding color with curtains, it is good to know the purpose of each room. Are you focusing on a room where you could have many people, or are you working with a more private space, such as a bedroom?

If you are handling a living room, know how much light comes into space. According to, “If you’re looking to style spaces that get a lot of natural sunlight, consider a natural hue.”

Bedroom: Colourful and Bold:

So many of us go with a matching color when it comes to the bedroom. Like I said before, understand the purpose, but let in your personality. As stated by The Spruce. “Use colorful curtains to add a punch of contrast to your bedroom.” This will help to differentiate the space from another, and indeed, its purpose within your home.

Be careful with fabric and pattern:

While you want your curtains to add to the room, don’t make a crucial error. Make sure the fabric and pattern are suitable. According to Homes To Love, “unless they are a beautiful fabric and pattern, you don’t want them being the focus of the room.”


So when adding that sense of vibrancy with your curtains, remember:

● Ready-made can make the decision easier.

● Matching can expand your space.

● Know your room’s purpose.

● Accentuate, but don’t make them the focus.

Good Luck!