Long Tail Keywords
Long Tail Keywords

Finding long tail keywords and using it in your content is one of the best ways to get optimal results when it comes to SEO. Try to target more specific and long tail keywords which can help you to enhance your content marketing strategy in a better way. Many people are finding it difficult to find long-tail keywords or many end up in choosing the irrelevant and less competitive keywords which clearly focuses out of their niche and halts their SEO strategy. There are plenty of more ways available in finding the long tail keywords, and few of them are listed below:

Use Google suggest:

In the process of finding long-tail keywords to gain more traffic to your website, Google suggests playing a key role. Just type your primary keyword on Google search box, and you can see various suggestions below. It will help you to analyze the search pattern of people and how they are actually searching. Then you can frame the long-tail keyword according to this which may boost your site rankings. Apart from this quality and informative contents also plays a key role in gaining better search engine ranks.


Use Google’s related searches:

The same principle that applied for Google suggestions will be employed here. Once you start finding long tail keywords, you must enter the primary keyword in the search box and go for search. Google’s related searches related to your primary keyword will be listed in the bottom of the SERP. By analyzing them, you will get some idea about what the people are actually searching for, and you can frame your long-tail keyword based on this.

Use different kinds of keyword research tools:

If you are using only a specific keyword research tools e,very time, then you are missing different kinds of long-tail keyword variations. Google keyword tool is one of the basic and good tools to start with, but in the process of finding long tail keywords, you need to go for other keyword research tools as well. Here are the two suggestions which might be worked out well:


It is also a free keyword tool, and you can find lots of long-tail keyword variations from here.

Google trends:

Google trends will also help you in choosing the long-tail keywords by suggesting what the people are exactly searching now.

Social media tools:

Of the different social media sites, Youtube’s keyword tool and twitter’s keyword tool will be helpful in finding the best long tail keywords for you.

Use your analytics:

Analytics will help you in many ways in enhancing your rankings and finding long-tail keyword phrases is one among them. By analyzing the keyword phrases that lead to your website you can get some invaluable inputs in finding long tail keywords which will be more effective in bringing traffic to your website. This will also help you to find your target keywords which will boost your SEO strategies.