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If you know anything about online investing and cryptocurrency then you probably already know that Ripple has the world turned upside down on its head. Cryptocurrencies have always been popular and lucrative ever since Bitcoin, but Ripple really has changed the field for a lot of investors, and it is possible that it could do that just again. How, you might ask? Well, Ripple just announced that its investment division, Xpring, has been revamped and condensed right into one single site. What does this mean exactly? This means that you will now be able to sell, buy, and trade Ripple right in one single convenient place. Not only this, but the most exciting thing about the entire transformation is that this new database is going to support a multitude of mobile applications.

Ripple Cannot Be Mined

This really is exciting news because if Ripple is unlike most digital currencies out there. To start off, Ripple is not a currency that can be mind. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is a currency that can be mined. This means that in order to get Ripple, you have to take a few extra steps. You have to buy a different digital currency and trade it from Ripple. This would not be the case with Bitcoin or other digital currencies. You could just simply mine the currency. This new database is going to make acquiring ripple easier because you will literally be able to buy, sell, and trade Ripple right in one convenient location. Before, acquiring Ripple would mean that you would have had to go through three or four different exchanges. This won’t be the case any more thanks to the upgrades made to the Xpring platform.

Taking Things Mobile

If you check out the Ripple price prediction, you will clearly see that the coin has been on a steady path ever since its introduction. This is not the case for other cryptocurrencies. In fact, Bitcoin is at an all-time low right now. This is just one of the many things that are boosting the confidence behind Ripple. That being said, mobile applications are also big right now. Heck, there is just about a mobile application for everything. Do you want to get your groceries delivered to your home? Do you want to order a pizza? Why not use a mobile app to do it? These are all real possibilities, and now thanks to the new upgrades made to the Xpring platform, you will be able to buy, sell, and trade Ripple via mobile applications. This opens the door to a whole new realm of possibilities.

Unfortunate Controversy

There is no denying that Ripple is on the right path to success, but it does seem there is some controversy surrounding the company. Last week it was announced that Ripple made a last-ditch attempt to have a securities lawsuit brought against it by the SEC dismissed. The SEC claims that the XRP coin is security and, therefore, should have to comply with the commission’s regulations. Ripple is claiming otherwise. Only time will tell how this plays out, but there is no denying that Ripple is certainly an investment worth looking into.