Restaurant Scheduling Software
Restaurant Scheduling Software

While its name points to the primary function of creating excellent schedules quickly, restaurant scheduling software can actually serve many vital functions that will help your restaurant thrive. It’s a multi-faceted tool that has become the backbone of many restaurants operating around the continent.

Here are just a few of the ways this new technology can become the foundation of your restaurant’s business operations.

Managing Expenses

Running a restaurant is famously difficult, and any potential reduction in expenses must be taken advantage of. Restaurant scheduling software makes it easy for managers to know how to prepare for shifts, in a way which makes the restaurant both amply staffed and stocked with food, without having too much of either thing.

It won’t just make the process of creating schedules easier or create better schedules — it directly improves your bottom line. Here are some general tips for keeping your kitchen expenses in check or you can read on because restaurant scheduling software has a surprising amount of ways it can boost your business.

Labour Compliance

Restaurant scheduling software makes it easy to know when an employee is approaching overtime pay. Schedules can be made so that shifts are distributed evenly throughout the roster, preventing staff from burning out, and preventing the restaurant from incurring more labor expenses than necessary.

Running a kitchen is all about making sure staff have enough energy and the shifts they need.

Streamlined Scheduling

Of course, the primary function of restaurant scheduling software also helps improve the restaurant’s bottom line. Shaving off 80% of the time it takes to create a schedule keeps employees working where they’re needed, rather than in the staff room filling out a calendar so their boss can know when they’re free in the future to work.

In fact, staff can tell their managers their availability remotely via the app, in a way that is quick and pain-free — all it takes is using drag-and-drop features that are already commonly used on popular apps. Restaurant scheduling apps don’t just prevent staff from wasting time when they’re on the restaurant’s dollar; it prevents staff from wasting almost any time at all.

Data is King

When managers know everything that goes on inside their restaurant, they have the tools they need to make truly informed decisions about where to invest in their restaurant and where to save. Restaurant scheduling software puts this knowledge into their hands.

The manager-facing dashboard follows all the basic but important statistics a restaurant manager needs to know, and these can be customized further to track any statistic your restaurant specifically values. Out of the box, stats include labor costs, labor-costs-per-hour, total sales, projected sales, and a lot more.

When you’re running a business, the tools you get can’t just be dazzling or impressive; they have to seriously improve both your bottom line and your daily operations. Restaurant scheduling software has become a necessary part of the way many restaurants in North America operate because they save restaurateurs serious money, and shortly after using it, staff can’t imagine their work day without it