The U.S printing industry generates $828.25 Million from the business card market sector. Even in our current digital era, the industry prints about 27 million business cards every day.

A personal business card is a doorway to opportunity. It also creates a solid and excellent first impression.

And no, it’s not an old-fashioned trend!

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Good for Marketing and Promotion

Cards are the most effective direct marketing resources or tools. Media marketing is useful, but handing out business cards is more personal and engaging.

Excellent business relationships begin with engaging in real conversations. Talking to a potential contact, eye-to-eye helps in creating a genuine connection.

It’s always great to carry your cards everywhere. At any moment you can meet a potential contact or client.

At tradeshows, airport lounges, conferences, and business parties have your cards with you. You’ll never miss out on an opportunity to make a business connection.

Again, it doesn’t cost much to print personal cards, unlike other marketing and promotion tools such as billboards which can be expensive.

Creates a Professional and Legitimate Outlook

People trust companies that seem genuine and reputable. A client can judge a business depending on the appearance and what other customers say.

Creative personal calling cards make you look professional. When people see you’ve put effort and time designing a card, they begin trusting your business.

Personal Business Cards are Always Accessible

Unlike other business tools, cards are the most accessible. When you meet a potential client, you can easily reach for a card in your pocket.

They’re portable and have your full details. They’re also not limited to locations such as cellphones on an airplane.

They are Shareable

A card is a physical object which you can give away. When you give cards to potential clients, your brand remains with them as a solid reminder.

A client can also show other people your business card. This increases your company or brand’s exposure and awareness.

Attract Attention

A well-designed card doesn’t highlight your details only; it also shows your personality. Print peppermint designs black cards that are visually attractive.

You can use a card to tell your story. Personality attracts people, and this will promote your company’s image.

Cards Show That You’re Prepared

Writing your contact information on a piece of paper after meeting a client creates a bad image. It shows you lack organization as a business owner. First impression matters, and a creative business card can help you.

Culturally Acceptable and Appropriate

Exchange of business cards is a universal trend. In some cultures, like in Hong Kong, if a person hands you a card, then you must also give one back.

In Japan, the design and quality of your card matters. It shows your devotion to your business or brand.

Personal business cards are the only effective traditional marketing tools today. The virtual world has replaced most of the marketing resources. Check out our blog for more informative articles.