Entertaining Cable Alternatives
Entertaining Cable Alternatives

If you’re looking to cut the cable, there are great cable alternatives you stream right at home. Read on for some great options you should consider.

Television services like cable have recently lost 1 million subscribers. And with good reason- these services just can’t compete with the streaming sites online where you can watch the shows and movies you love, whenever you want to love them.

If you’re one of the people who either has recently canceled your cable subscription or one who plans to do so in the future, you’re probably looking into cable alternatives. There are a lot of good streaming sites which we have listed below for you:

1. Netflix

Of course, when you think of streaming television, Netflix is probably one of the first websites to come to mind. After all, Netflix and Chill was such a popular meme that it’s been added to everyone’s vocabulary.

Netflix has a lot of great original series. You’ve probably heard of A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, both of which are Netflix Originals that you can’t watch anywhere else.

Plus, Netflix will give you the chance to watch The Office on loop 24/7, and who doesn’t love that?

2. Hulu

Another site with a lot of original content and series on it is Hulu. Hulu is one of the better-known streaming sites, and a lot of people know it because it created The Handmaiden’s Tale show.

It also offers live TV options so you can stream even more shows. Subscribing to Hulu is more than worth your money because the site offers so much variety. From BBC miniseries to action hero movies, Hulu has it all.


IPTV might not be as well known a streaming site like Netflix or Hulu, but it’s just as good (if not better!) IPTV is great because it doesn’t just let you stream the shows you love so you can binge them, but it also lets you stream shows that are live on the air.

If you download this streaming service, you’re most likely to have a great time kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying a great film with your friends and family, you love.

4. YouTube

YouTube is great for watching home videos and reviews, sure, but you can also cheaply download movies and shows off of it as well. You have the choice of whether to buy or rent videos on the site.

You can also sync videos and subtitles on YouTube so everyone can have the viewing experience that they deserve!

5. Free Animation Sites

If you have children or are just an adult who enjoys cartoons, there are free animation sites out there that you can find through Google. These cartoon streaming services have great variety and are an excellent way to keep your children- or yourself- occupied and happy.

Have Fun With Cable Alternatives

There are a lot of good streaming sites out there with a lot of variety. Whether you like comedy, thriller, or drama, these websites have you covered.

Now you know all about the best cable alternatives so that you can watch whatever you want, wherever you want. You might also like to check out the latest trends in making your own animation videos to get your creative on.

Happy viewing!