There is no doubt that the global pandemic has caused major changes across the globe. For instance, more people than ever are working from home and entertainment and sport has had to move into the home as well.

This has led to an influx of people who are gaming online for the first time. There has been an increase in traffic across all areas of online gaming including esports, VR and online casinos and sportsbooks. There are various reasons for this.

People may simply be finding a new way to spend their time. Alternatively, they may be sports enthusiasts who have taken to esports or sports betting instead. The challenge for gaming companies is to retain these new customers as global lockdowns start to be released. So, how are they dealing with this challenge?

Building a tailored customer experience

One major thing that companies need to do is to create the experience that new players want to have.

For instance, in some countries, more quick casinos, or pikakasinot, are being created. Finnish players have enjoyed being able to play at these online casinos recently. They can play immediately by simply using their own bank ID for verification. This is a major positive for new players who do not want to spend their valuable time filling in forms.

Diversity is also vital to keeping new players on board. Companies need to be able to keep them engaged even when their more familiar activities are available again. So gaming providers need to tailor the experience they provide accordingly.

For instance, if new customers are sports enthusiasts, they may need to look at expanding their sportsbook action alongside the slot play that is available.

Quick games, and popups that advertise them, may also be useful. Using this type of gaming gives companies the opportunity to interact with players even when they return to activities such as watching live sport. The popups can be used to advertise the availability of quick games that can be played during half-time breaks.

Expanding the experience of players

Maintaining an increase in player levels is not just about providing new players with an experience that is tailored to what they already know and love.

Gaming companies have a valuable opportunity to engage players with new experiences as well. For instance, sports bettors can be provided with information about playing online slots. This information can be supported with bonuses and promotions that enable players to experience new games and types of play without having to spend too much money.

Providing new customers with experiences that complement what they already enjoy is an excellent way to keep them on board.

Expanding on individual experiences in this way means that people have more reasons to keep coming back to an online gaming site.

A revitalized future for the gaming industry

2020 has certainly been a testing year so far. But, it could also be a year that brings about a positive future for the gaming industry, if companies retain new customers and move forward to bringing more people on board.

In order to do this, gaming companies need to keep diversity at the forefront of everything they do. They need to learn from what has happened over recent months and be able to cater to the tastes of new, and potentially unexpected, customers. They can do this by expanding the experiences that they offer and by opening customers’ eyes to new experiences that they might enjoy.

Going forward, companies are looking at how to build on the surge in customer numbers that they have experienced recently. This will help to future-proof the industry. This work will involve a mixture of activities including marketing products to a wider demographic, ensuring that products are easy to navigate between, embracing new processes such as Cloud gaming and digital distribution, and dealing with the new regulation.

The circumstances that have brought new customers to gaming in recent months are hopefully not long-term. However, their positive impact on gaming can be. Companies have the opportunity to learn from their experiences with new customers and move forward into a promising future. It will be interesting to see how well they embrace this opportunity.