Two-Toned Eyeliner Styles
Two-Toned Eyeliner Styles

Eye makeup is an essential part of face makeup. It is said that our eyes are the window to our souls. So while putting on makeup, we cannot ignore to beautify our eyes. Even if you are not applying makeup a single stroke of kajal or a simple liquid eyeliner can make your eyes look gorgeous. Eyeliners highlight your eyes in the best way possible, and there is no shortage of colors when it comes to eyeliners There are different types of eyeliner styles which you can try to give your eyes a different look every time. You can choose the best eyeliner according to your choice among the following list of 5 types of eyeliner styles.

Striking waterline eyeliner:

This eyeliner is a bit different than the regular eyeliners. You can apply this by a full black stroke on the upper lid of your eyes. You can make it a winged liner if you want to or just keep it simply till the corner. A winged liner will look more eye-catching and appropriate for a party look. Now for the waterline, you can use a different shade like using blue, silver or green liner. Add a mascara for the final touch to make the look complete. The two different tones of color will make it look attractive.

Note: for applying any product on your waterline make sure that it is a quality product so that it doesn’t cause any irritation in your eyes.

2. Blue wings with black eyeliner:

This dual eyeliner style can be applied easily by using a black and blue eyeliner. You can use a highlighter to complete the look. Here you only need to apply the liner at the upper lid. Start with a black liner sketching a stroke from one corner to another. Then take the blueliner and start with the corner to make a blue wing slanting upwards. Apply some highlighter too.

3. Blended kohl eye with eyeliner:

You can try a blended kohl eye makeup by using a liner of any shade. Using a liner of any shade and blending with black colored eyeshadow will help you to get your desired look. Mixing the two different color consistently can give a softer look to your eyes.

4. Smokey look with eyeliner:

Smokey look is the top favorite party look of any girl. It gives such an attractive look to your eyes. Just fuse your smokey eye makeup with any other colored liner to give it a twist. Using black eyeshadow with blue colored liner can give you a stunning look. Use mascara to give the final touch and to add volume to your eyelashes.

5. Full sweep:

This eyeliner style is to blend two different colors for eye makeup. You can use one color for the upper lid to make a full sweep which glides smoothly and is extended a little further than the corner edge. You can use kohl with a different color to apply it on the inner side of the lower lid.