While planning to construct a new one or renovating an already existing bathroom, you can have numerous options to choose as the internal fittings. From faucets to digitally controlled lighting systems, there is a lot of stuff that may be unknown to you. A bathroom requires equal investment as much as you spend in a living room. Never consider it as a place to take a quick bath, brush, flush and run away to work. A bathroom can be your personalized space to relax with luxury. No matter whether you have a deep pocket of or tight budget to spend on bathroom interiors, smartly designed fittings are available in every price range. This article will guide you thoroughly with the best ideas of upgrading your bathroom without spending on useless accessories.

Things to consider before shopping your bathroom fittings

1) Availability of space

This is the first thing to consider when you start planning the interior finishing of the bathroom. In metropolitan cities, there is a huge shortage of space, and you have to manage with limited options. If your house is built out of the city in an adequate space, there can be enough space to make a bathroom according to your choice. Ample space can be customized with many options, whereas, compact accessories are needed for small bathrooms.

2) Availability of budget

Bathroom accessories are available in several price ranges. If you ask for the price of a bathroom sink, the top model could be 20-30 times costlier than the base model. It’s all about the budget that your pocket is allowing for buying the suitable fittings. The price varies on the basis of material. For instance, ceramic is the most affordable option, but you can replace it with many options like Italian marble, metal or single stone modification. Make sure that all accessories that you are planning to buy must come in a similar price range to match the uniformity.

3) Colour theme preference

Before buying accessories for your bathroom, decide a color theme that you need to follow for the entire setup. You can visit a sanitary ware store to see the color themes of bathrooms available to install. Not just the fittings, also the decorative items like shelves, flowerpots, lighting, and bathmats should match the primary color theme.

Smart ideas for upgrading bathroom in budget

There is a large section of people who have a limited budget to spend on the bathroom but expect many comforts. In this situation, smartly designed economic bathroom fittings can satisfy them. Here are some ideas that you will definitely love to implement:-

1) Use multipurpose ABS plastic shelve

Instead of separate shelves for placing different accessories, you can assert them in single 900mm bathroom vanity cabinets made with durable ABS plastic. Nowadays, these kinds of shelves are available in various attractive colors that can match with any theme of the bathroom. In addition, some of them also have mirrors on doors that reduce your extra expenses on the separate mirror (a wall mounted makeup mirror is saving compared to a big vanity, too). These shelves are made with lightweight & durable material that you can easily mount on walls without requiring any carpenter.

2) Choose the option of ceramic

Whether it is your toilet seat or sink, go with the option of ceramic which is available in distinctive colors. In the ceramic version of sanitary ware, you can find many expensive as well as affordable options. Also, ceramic can be customized in various desired shapes that perfectly fit in your bathroom theme. Small countertops are recommended in economic bathrooms because giant models only occupy more space and are less productive.

3) Ceramic tiles over marble

Tiles of ceramic for walls and flooring are more affordable than marble. However, it is recommended to choose good quality tiles that are durable as well as retain their shine for a long time. While comparing the price of quality tiles with standard marble, you may find some similarity, but choosing high-quality tiles is a wise decision. Nowadays, these tiles are available in 3d prints that enhance the look of your entire bathroom with less investment.

4) Paint rather than wallpaper

Half of the portion of the wall is already covered with tiles, what is the use of wallpapers? It is only an extra expense that can be reduced by simple painting. Also, the lifespan of paints is much higher than wallpapers and it easily serviceable. Matching color theme of the entire bathroom with the help of paint is very easy.

5) Affordable lighting alternatives

You are updating your bathroom in a tight budget, but, there is a pace for some decoration. The best way to enhance the expression of the bathroom in a convenient way is the installation of smart bulbs. Nowadays, renowned companies are offering smartphone operated LED bulbs at an affordable price. While having a shower, connect the bulb with your Smartphone and enjoy the ambiance of different lights. In addition, faux candles operated with battery or electricity can be used in corners.

6) Refurbished bathtubs

Nowadays, refurbished products in good condition and cheap price are easily available online. If you have enough space to install a bathtub in the bathroom, go with the refurbished option. Bathtubs are one of the most expensive accessories in the bathroom that everyone cannot afford. Rather than going with the expensive option, refurbished tubs are the great options. They are optimally serviced in a manner that you cannot differentiate between new and old one.

Bathroom fitting ideas to manage with less space

In congested areas, you have to manage with less space of the bathroom. There is no need to worry if you are facing difficulty in transforming it according to your perspective. We have some suggestions of smartly designed bathroom accessories that can perfectly fit inside a conjured space. Before going further, keep one thing in mind that you have to utilize every possible option and select only important accessories rather than useless decoration. Here are some suggestions that can be helpful:-

1) Use hangers instead of racks

Buying special 900 mm bathroom vanity cabinets for storing towels occupy a lot of space that your small sized bathroom doesn’t allow. Therefore, it is recommended to use wall hangers. If you want something better option that wall hanger, try towel hanging rods with chrome finishing. They are easy to fix in a wall, gives an attractive look and can be utilized for hanging clothes too.

2) Prefer a wall mounted toilet seat

Wall mounted toilet seats occupy minimal space in the bathroom that can be utilized for other purposes. They look very neat and don’t require any additional attachment to equip externally. The flush button is also mounted in the wall and there no more annoying flush tank. These seats give a luxurious look, and you can enhance some advancement with the digitally automated options. Many manufacturers offer wall mounted toilet seats with automatic lid opening sensors and LED lights.

3) Prefer a freestanding bathtub with multiple functions option

The space saved by using wall-mounted toilet seat can be utilized for placing a bathtub. Rather than giant tubs that require concrete fixtures for installation, it is recommended to go with the option of free standing tubs. They are compact in size, look attractive and can freely stand on the floor without any support. While choosing a model, make sure that they are equipped with multiple functions like shower hose and customizable shelve.

4) Choose tall storage racks rather than wide

When it comes to buying storage racks for placing various accessories, choose the models designed in vertical length. They occupy less space on the ground and have more shelves vertically. Either use them as the storage compartments for bath gel, shampoo, and soap or put some decorative accessories.

5) Use same tiles for floor and wall

If your bathroom small in size, some illusions can help in making it look like a bigger one. There is a tricky idea of using the same tiles for walls that you are using on the floor. Seamless tiles pattern make it appears as broad space. Whether you are using marble or ceramic tiles, this trick works with everything.

6) Allow only productive furniture and accessories

When there is a shortage of space, the only way to manage is allowing only useful things. There is no need to buy types of furniture like extra stool or table. A wide countertop can be utilized as a table for placing all accessories. Here you can also place small pots of indoor plants to give a natural look.

Tips to customize your bathroom in an eco-friendly way

A typical bathroom consumes a maximum share of water from your water tank as compared to other areas. If you prefer some advanced as well as creative options in the bathroom, it can turn into eco-friendly. Below are some tips that you can follow:-

1) Logically designed advanced bathtub models

It is apparent that bathtubs need a lot of water because of their giant shapes. However, you can save a huge amount of water by purchasing a logically designed less water consuming bathtub. These are the freestanding bathtubs that can tilt towards multiple directions with adjustment controls. If you just want footbath, fill only 40% space and tilt downward. These tubs can digitally monitor the water level and angle of elevation to give you a comfortable feeling. For half-body bath and full body bath, there are different functions to adjust the tub for saving maximum possible water.

2) Digitally controlled shower panels

If you can afford a digitally controlled bathroom shower set, get one as soon as possible. They are smartly programmed to allow only a limited amount of water for different purposes. Set the shower on the economy mode that allows less water flow. They have intelligent functions of temperature control, modes of water flow and sensors that can detect the purpose for which you are using faucets.

3) Plants for detoxification and natural look

For bringing a natural look in your bathroom, the best way is to use indoor plants. Some options that you can choose for indoor plantation are Boston fern, begonia, Chinese evergreen, dracaena, pothos, and spider plant. These plants can survive on low light and humid environment like a bathroom. They don’t only enhance the appearance of the interior but also detoxify the environment by releasing more oxygen. If you are opting out flowering plants, there is even no need to add use synthetic fragrances.

4) Replace plastic accessories with natural one

Look around your bathroom; there are a lot of accessories made with plastic scattered all around. From your bath toys to foot mats, everything is made up of plastic. If you want to get rid of this synthetic environment, here are some good options as alternatives such as bath mats that are entirely made with bamboo. Remove all bath toys from the bathroom because they are made with PVC plastic. Replace all containers of plastic with glass and ceramic whether they are containers or decorative items. The very important thing to be considered for a green bathroom is using eco-friendly curtains. Replace the polyester curtains with curtains entirely made with cotton. It keeps the indoor air toxins free. If your pocket is allowing, use a glass shower door that has fogged texture.

5) Prefer wooden furniture over plastic

You can see plastic furniture in every bathroom from stool to shelves. However, all of them can be replaced with wooden furniture. The furniture made with natural wood also gives a luxury look.

6) Eco-friendly cleaning products

While purchasing a cleaning solution for a bathroom, nobody cares to know about the chemicals that are used in those bottles. Most of the cleaners are made with harsh chemicals that commit for sparkling cleanness but also involve harmful toxins. Directly or indirectly, a user of the bathroom comes in the come in contact with these chemicals. If you check thoroughly in a departmental store, some eco-friendly options are also available.

Bathrooms are a personalized space that can be customized in different ways. For all budget levels and people with different preferences, there are many options available in the market to choose. Not just in the brick mortar stores, but many manufacturers are now directly delivering these accessorized to the doorsteps of a customer.