Instagram is rapidly becoming the leading brand of social media as its relevance outstrips that of its rivals through its continued growth and its privileged position as a hub for the younger generations. It offers instant and rewarding content that is presented in numerous creative ways and, through this, it is capturing the attention of millions of people who are constantly seeking the latest news in order to be up to date with what’s going on in the world. Instagram is a place most users use for checking up on friends and family while a considerable number of musicians, actors, sportspeople, models and other celebrities have taken to using it in order to keep their fans in the loop. Similarly, news media has seen it as a way to provide instant updates to their followers regarding breaking news. The other sector leaving its mark on Instagram is the business one, and around twenty-five million companies have signed up to the social network as they look to get information about their brand, their products and their latest offers out into the wider world. This is a ploy which seems to be an informed one as the fact that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business suggests that there is plenty of demand for more information. It has also been noted that Instagram users are more likely to approach companies through their Instagram accounts with inquiries as opposed to more traditional means.

How is Instagram an innovative social network?

Instagram is a different breed of social media. With Facebook and Twitter, there is more of a focus on providing content that includes a considerable amount of text. Instagram, on the other hand, places the emphasis on the power of images and lets the pictures do the talking, with text being pushed to the side. Additionally, Instagram has proceeded to innovate social media by presenting itself in a stripped-down format that is easier to navigate than its main competitors. It is also quicker to add content while there are several features which it makes use of that make it an attractive outlet. Instagram Stories is one of its many success stories. It offers Instagram users the chance to add videos and photographs in a compilation while also providing more creative options for the display of this content. At the same time, this content is only available for 24 hours which creates a sense of urgency among users as they know they will only have a short window to view it, thus leading to a higher probability of Instagram users looking at content added to Instagram stories as opposed to regular content. The use of filters is another popular feature offered by Instagram and leads to a more distinct photographic style that users can apply to their posts.

How can you get ahead using Instagram?

Instagram is a site that offers numerous opportunities to improve the reach of your company if done so correctly. There are many ways that this can be achieved and doing so requires to be aware of how the social network works and how to get the attention of the millions of users who can be considered potential customers. It is possible to pay for people to provide you with features such as likes, comments and follows. If you are interested, there are plenty of websites out there which offer these services, with insta4likes being one of them. Through these websites, you are provided with real Instagram users who provide your account with genuine interaction in the form of the most common and important Instagram features in engagement terms.

Content strategies that can be applied to get more attention on Instagram

Instagram is a very competitive format for businesses. There are millions of businesses competing with each other for the attention of quite a large number of users (it is estimated that there are a billion Instagram users who access the social network on a monthly basis, with half of them logging in every day). Therefore, if you are using Instagram to establish yourself, you need to do it with something that stands out from the rest while also do as much as possible to get as much attention as possible from the wealth of Instagram users constantly looking for new content.

Using the power of hashtags and other Instagram users

Hashtags are an important part of bringing more people to your Instagram account. This is because, with the right hashtag, you can attract the attention of people who are interested in your products or services even if they are not aware of it. This should be done by adding hashtags to your posts which are likely to be searched for. The important thing is that these hashtags are relevant to what your company offers as this will attract the attention of those Instagram users who search for them. Adding locations to your posts can also help, especially if you have a physical location, as it will increase your profile’s visibility among people in the local area. Another way to get on the radar of those who may be interested in what you offer is to follow your competitors as you will appear as a suggestion for the followers of that account. It also gives you the opportunity to look at what they are doing to promote themselves and can be the source of ideas for your own profile.