Brain Games

Brain games are a great way to upgrade your mental ability as well as your cognitive skills. There are so many online brain training games available which enhance your communication skill, boost your confidence, sharpen your mind, improve your memory, and help amplify your concentration power. Therefore, there is a list below of the 9 Best Online Brain Training Games which you should try to train your brain.

1. Sudoku

Sudoku is the most popular logical puzzle game in the world. It trains your brain analytically and improves your mind memory. It also builds logical thinking as well as increases concentration power. The history of Sudoku started in the late 19th century, it was just a number puzzle back then, as time passed it became a modern Sudoku in 1979 and in 1984 the trademark of Sudoku was registered in Japan.

After that, it got popular and different variations came. You can play Sudoku in different variations like 9×9 grid, 4×4 grid, 5×5grid, 6×6 grid, 7×7grid, and grid number goes higher. In which the most common grid used in Sudoku is a 9×9 grid with 3×3 regions and in the world puzzle championship 6×6 grid with 2×3 regions and a 7×7 grid with heptomino regions are used. To get started, start with Easy level for the beginner, process to Medium Sudoku, and gradually play the Hard or Evil level.

2. Chess

Chess is the most commonly played board game, which is played by millions of people worldwide per day. It is a mind sport played between two players. The chessboard consists of 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. It has two chess piece sets – one is black and the second is white in which each player controls sixteen pieces that include one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. This game increases intelligence and creativity also improves your memory and builds strategic thinking.  People believe chess originated in India in the 7th century and was known as chaturanga and chess is just a modified version of that.

3. Crossword Puzzle

A Crossword Puzzle is a square or rectangular grid format in which some squares are filled with black color and the rest squares remain blank or unfilled. You have to fill the blank squares with particular words or phrases with the help of clues that are provided in the puzzle. It increases your vocabulary bank and knowledge base. Also helps boost your mind by removing stress and tension.

4. Scrabble

Scrabble is the most ‘demanded online word game’ developed by Alfred M. Butts in 1938. You can play scrabble with two or more of your friends, in which you have to create the words with the help of letters that are available on the Scrabble board. After creating the right word you earn reward points and at the end of the game, if you have the maximum reward points you are the winner of the Scrabble.

5. Lumosity

Lumosity is the best online game that trains your mind for cognitive skills. It is a freemium game which means you can play Lumosity free but for more features, you have to pay some amount of money. In Lumosity, simple and fun puzzles are provided that you have to solve with your memory power, decision making, concentration, problem-solving ability, flexibility, and attention.

6. Elevate

Elevate is the best online brain training game to build analytical and communication skills. It provides you with 35 plus games which are free with in-app purchases that enhance your reading, writing, speaking, and math skills. You can also track and measure your progress in Elevate.

7. Peak-brain Training

Furthermore, Peak is a group of brain training games that can challenge your brain and push your cognitive skills to another level. It provides more than 40 games that level up your mental ability, problem-solving ability, focus, and memory.

8. Braingle

Additionally, Braingle is a bunch of online brain games containing puzzles, brainteasers, optical illusions, quizzes, memory tests, vocabulary builder, card games and more than 40 games which magnify your brainpower and analytical skills.

9. KenKen

Moreover, KenKen is an arithmetical and logical-based puzzle game created by Japanese math teacher Tetsuya Miyamoto in 2004. It intensifies your reasoning and communication skills and also improves your critical and logical thinking.