There’s a rush for the best bodybuilding supplements in the market today and you’re wondering if this is the right move for you as well. You’re asking yourself if you should start taking such supplements since your workout routines have become more advanced and intense. AND you’ve done your homework of consulting your trainer regarding this (call this a passive-aggressive recommendation from us).

But with a deluge of information about which ones are good and which ones, not-so-good, it can get perplexing. That’s why we’ve done our best in creating this easy-to-read list of what you should take, as advised by health professionals and weightlifting experts.

Bodybuilding Supplements Must-Haves

1. Strength Supplements

This may sound obvious, and it should. What you need to amp up your bodybuilding exercises are supplements that will increase your strength and muscle power, especially because you’ve progressed in your weight lifting and have furthered each routine’s intensity.

It’s not enough to rely on your body’s natural processing of protein. It’s healthy and is a spontaneous cycle among your bodily functions. However, speeding up this process is what you’ll want in order to gain muscle mass and might.

You want your frame to start bulking up quicker than normal. We totally understand your goal and this can be achieved with creatine and protein.

2. Weight-Gain Supplements

Don’t be afraid of the phrase “weight gain”. Gaining muscle mass equates to gaining weight, too. The healthy kind, if we may add. It’s something inherent to your body so you shouldn’t let it intimidate you either.

Eating like it’s nobody’s business just so you can “bulk up” isn’t going to do you much good. That has a high risk of increasing weight yet only due to bad carbohydrates and fats. Therefore, it’s a no-no.

Instead, weight gain supplements allow you to put on weight by building up lean muscles. You’ll get buff without the added unhealthy excesses which are likely to happen through too-heavy unhealthy meals. In lieu of eating to match your weight, take supplements instead. Plus, they’re healthier to your digestive and cardiovascular systems, too.

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3. Recovery And Repair Supplements

Aside from muscle strength and mass, go for supplements that will help with their recovery and repair. They’ll experience fatigue and exhaustion as a result of rigorous workouts and if left unchecked, will cause you to slow down in your movements to avoid adding further pressure to them.

Patches and salves may work but only for the short-term. For effects that last longer, recovery, and repair supplements are the better options to aid tissue rebuilding and muscle recuperation in a faster manner.

Beta-Alanine and branched-chain amino acids are sources of muscle repair compounds that come in high doses per serving. They’re typically found in food sources of protein such as poultry and meats. Despite that, take them through supplements for swifter effects in a shorter period of time.

By the way, these amino acids also contain strength boosters. Consequently, you can stack them up safely with your strength supplements.