Different Useful Things To Know About Posting Pictures On Instagram


When you use the Instagram story, you can post a picture with music. You will simply know how exactly you can do that. If you add music to your posts, it will make it more appealing thereby increasing its number of views and levels of engagement. Research says that the chances of an Instagram story to be watched are increased by 70% when it has the sound on. When you add music to it, this will surely add to the delight of the sound-on viewers.

However, to pair music and pictures, you will first need to gain access to the Instagram Story Music sticker. You can then post the picture with music on an Instagram Story by using the free Animoto tool. This is actually a Social Video Editor iOS app. This comes with a collection of licensed music that you can add to your Instagram Stories.

The step to follow includes:

  • Choosing your picture or pictures to post with music on Instagram Stories keeping in mind that Instagram Stories play within a vertical space. This does not mean that the pictures selected needs to be vertical. Save these pictures in your Camera Roll.
  • Next, you will need to create a new Instagram story video by either selecting a template or starting from scratch.
  • Add these pictures from your camera roll. You can even add a video clip as well if you do not have any photos to share. You can change the length of the clip by tapping on the plus or minus and set it to 15 seconds, the maximum Story duration.

Lastly, add music to your Story by tapping the music icon at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through it to select a track from the library of music.

Sharing a post with multiple photos

Instagram allows you to share multiple photos or videos in a post. In a single post in a feed, you can add up to ten photos and videos from the library of your phone. To crop or adjust each photo or video, tap it, and adjust it to fit into the frame of your screen. However, you must keep in mind that you choose the best orientation. There are ideally three types of orientations to choose from such as:

  • Square
  • Portrait and
  • Landscape.

The orientation of the photos or videos will affect your posts. You can, however, choose a different orientation for each of the photos or videos. When you have completed it, tap the Next button on the top right corner.

When it comes to applying a filter to each photo and video you must:

  • Tap a filter at the bottom of the screen
  • Tap the photo or video you like to edit and
  • Filter them individually.

If you want to change the order of the photos and videos selected then:

  • Tap and hold anyone
  • Drag it to another spot and
  • Tap Next when you are done in the top right.

You are also allowed to add one location and caption for the entire post. You may also tag someone in each of the photos you have selected.

Posting to Instagram

When it comes to posting on Instagram to buy followers, you must do it consistently. This will keep your posts fresh and also help your business to resonate with your audience and grow. However, doing it right is very important. Here is the step by step process to post on Instagram.

  • Tap the + icon located at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose a photo or video from the library or shoot one if you do not have any in the app
  • Crop the image so that it fits into the screen
  • Try using a carousel post which is highly popular
  • Pick and use a filter to make it look better in the post
  • Type and include your caption to make your photo more interest8ing
  • Use popular, relevant and proper hashtags to optimize your posts
  • Tag your friends or use their handle
  • Add your location to make it easy for the people to find your post and
  • Play with emojis to make your post more eye-catching.

When you post your content, make sure that you do not post it on Instagram only. Share it on other different social media platforms as well. this will increase its reach and enable you to make a lot of social followers.

Posting photos using a desktop or laptop

Instagram is a mobile app but you can even post photos on this platform using your desktop or laptop. There are several ways to do it directly without using your phone. You will need to use browser tricks or different third-party apps for it. Some of these apps are free some are paid. Some of these may work on both Windows Mac while some may work only in one or the other. Each of these apps work differently and each has its own merits and demerits.

You can use the web browser of your desktop to open Instagram. You will get to see a stripped-down version of the app. This will allow you to do specific things such as commenting on photos, you will however not be able to create new posts.

Alternatively, you can use user-agent spoofing to post new photos. Instagram will think that you are accessing the site using a mobile device. You can do it yourself or use a browser plugin such as a Chrome browser.

Using Instagram multiple image posts

You must follow the best practices to use multiple-image posts of Instagram such as adding a call to action. This will enable the viewers to see beyond the first image. This will increase the level of engagement as well as the number of image views.

  • You must choose the first image carefully as that will determine whether or not the viewers will see the rest.
  • Also, make sure that the tile of the image is visually interesting and engaging.

Lastly, you can try out the Instagram carousel-style post feature for the optimal benefits of posting photos on Instagram.