As we see the options contract of Bitcoin worth six billion USD to expire today, there seems to be a debate about it among various circles. The is also posing this question as to what he or she can gain once it expires in the near future. This very action found in the relative market remains the most likely option to dictate the cost that seems to trend high over the digital currency in the coming few months. Now, the big question, what is an option contract all about?

Well, it is nothing but an option that caters the buyers or investors an opportunity to buy and sell the digital currencies or assets very much depending upon the kind of health one can hold that can be seen getting clubbed in the form of underlying assets. There are several experts who are seen warning about the same in order to set up the bearish stuff with the help of setting up the cost in the biggest digital currency of the world, which could go down by 44K USD or even lower.

However, with no such big fall, one can find the digital asset outlook turning out to be bullish. Since the past few months, one can find the influence of the options market found over the Bitcoin spot market could be seen boosting up in order to come along in the recent past few months. One can very well tell that the expiry simply means when it comes to the investors and thus are seen positioning themselves over the market.

The cost of the bitcoin seems to have cracked to around 10 percent this Thursday just before the bitcoin was seen coming back to life or recovering in the recent past. As the bitcoin is seen recovering in order to get the quote as found with the level of 53000 USD this Friday evening, one can find different options coming up in the form of options contracts which are often ready to expire. This very level is called the maxim pain, along with the investing parlance.

We are going to reach a point when one is referred to as a maximum amount of pain which comes at the record of 6 billion USD in the number of option contracts that are seen to get expired. One can find the hope to find things on this Friday as well, while Bitcoin is not seen coming up with too many corrections. One can ever expect things to stick at the cost of 44K USD to 45USD zone claims the Co-founder and the CEO of the company called CoinDCX.

At this point in time, one can find a number of things happening, and that could be seen happening just due to the fact that there are many more digital currencies and money that are seen getting settled down over the expiry along with the new positions that are seen taking place. This, however, would depend upon the position one can find the bitcoin prices rising above and keeping things to change.

As per a number of experts, the expiry would be soon seen this Friday, and one may not see any major movement coming up, but at the same time, the posting expiry was seen with a little bit of correction or movements. As per experts, there is around 70 percent of chances that the Bearish April will be seen soon, and the prices would even go ahead once again in the month of May, and so remains the slow movement going at the downward sides.

If you find the correction happening, you may see the levels like $44,000 along with reaching to $28,000 level. Ideally speaking, if you see the bitcoin reaching $48,000, it can be called as a good correction claims the man called Siddharth Menon, who happens to be the co-founders and COO of the company- WazirX. With 44K USD, one can get good support for digital money. The moment the cost comes close to 43K USD, the rebound is expected to be seen. As per Menon, the digital coin can be seen with the uptrend line. The best way, however, is to get the trade started by liquidating it in a disciplined fashion.