Today’s world can be a dangerous place, even with advancements in personal and public safety. With the rise of the stun gun, pepper spray, and other personal self-defense gadgets you may feel overwhelmed when faced with the simple choice of which is right for you. The need for these devices on college campuses and even public places can be very real and frightening. With the Yellow Jacket phone case from thehomesecuritysuperstore, the stun gun no longer needs to be overwhelming and bulky. This phone case features a built-in hidden stun gun which can save your life in a pinch. And the best part is that you’ll never leave home without it because it is attached to your phone! As long as you have your phone with you, then you will also have the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun phone case as well, a cleverly hidden stun gun built into the case of your phone so it’s always with you. The Yellow Jacket phone case provides the safety and security you need without the hassle of carrying around a full-size stun gun or taser gun in a concealed way. Storage and use of this self-defense weapon are unparalleled by any other stun gun on the market simply due to the size and easy storage of this convenient device.

Sleek Design

In today’s world, it can be reassuring to have a self-defense device on you at all times. Living on college campuses, in crowded cities, or even going to public places can be dangerous if not prepared. The safest method of self-defense for both you and your attacker is the stun gun. This non-lethal weapon allows you ample time to get away from your assailant and call for help, and there is no need to be worried about an injury on your hands as they only stun the opponent. The downside is they can be bulky and confusing to use, but not with this device. Whether you’re a woman, who doesn’t carry a purse and has no room for a large stun gun or a man who doesn’t have to ability to conceal a weapon this case is for you. Its sleek, stylish design is universally appealing, and you’ll never leave home without your phone, so there’s no worry of forgetting it when you go out.

Ease of Access

Defending yourself from attackers is as easy as taking out your phone with this handy device. No more fumbling for an unwieldy or large stun gun in a backpack, now all you need is to simply take The Yellow Jacket phone case provides on the go protection with the double feature of also charging your phone when you get low on battery. This battery does power the built-in stun gun, however, so if you are worried about any possible attackers, you may have to hold off on the charging if you want to keep the stun gun active. This balance is not hard to maintain, however, as long as one keeps a charger on hand and makes sure to keep both battery levels at full whenever possible.

Safe Use

The Yellow Jacket phone case will not only protect your phone but will also protect you. The case is designed to only direct the electricity into your assailant.T he concealed stun gun delivers seven million volts of electricity, stunning any assailant. Don’t worry though; there is a safety switch, so you won’t accidentally let off the stun gun. The case is easy to use, just switch the safety off and press the button which is located on either side of the case. Even if you are left-handed, you can use it quickly and safely due to its. The case also comes with a rechargeable battery that can double the life of your phone, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery. The convenience and ease of use of this helpful device set it apart from its competitors on more levels than one, making the once difficult choice of tools for self-defense into an easy one.


Concealed Self Defense

When carrying a regular full-size stun gun, it can be very obvious to everyone around you. While this can be a deterrent to criminals who may be scoping you out as a potential target, this may not be appropriate in the everyday environment of the average person. The Yellow Jacket phone case provides a safe and concealable alternative to the clunkier full-size stun guns. Easily hidden in your pocket or purse, your phone will not attract nearly as much attention with the stun gun attachment. This will allow you to navigate an average office environment without arousing suspicion or disturbing the peace but will also allow you to defend yourself if the need arises. The safety and security this device provides are unequaled for the niche it fills.


Everyday Convenience

The benefits of the Yellow Jacket phone case extend beyond the use of the stun gun. The built-in battery also functions as a charger for your phone, able to hold more than an entire charge, depending on the model of phone. This allows the case to be used every day, even if not for self-defense purposes.

The amount of functionality provided by this product is unmatched by any other self-defense tool on the market. It provides easy to use, everyday convenience while also providing safety and security on par with other, more clunky and less concealable stun guns that may be on the market. This device is perfect for you if you work in an environment that does not condone the open carry of self-defense weapons, but you still want the security and confidence that the presence of a self-defense weapon provides. You can confidently walk any street knowing that you have the power to defend yourself right in the pocket of your coat and that stopping an attempted mugging or worse is as simple as answering a text or call with the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case.