The iPhone 12 introduced both hardware changes and software changes. iOS 14 adds a few new features and if you are upgrading from an older iPhone will most likely benefit from a few tips and tricks to maximize your iPhone 12 5G. You do not have to be a power user, you just need to know what your new iPhone can do and how you need to set it up.

#1 Fast charging

This trick will probably cost you around $20 but it is definitely worth the investment. Apple chose not to include a charging brick with the new iPhone 12. If you are upgrading from an older model, odds are that you have a power brick with a compatible charging cable but it only has an output of 5 watts. The iPhone 12 can charge at 20 watts. This means you get 50% of your battery in 30 minutes of charging. What you should do is replace your old 5-watt charger with a 20-watt charger. Apple sells those for around $19 but you can find aftermarket ones for similar if not lower prices. Just make sure you get a charger that wears a brand that you are familiar with and that you trust.

#2. Getting back to the old incoming call alert

iOS 14 made a lot of things less intrusive. It makes the iPhone 12 much more enjoyable to use but the new incoming call alert is awful. It is small and appears just at the top of the screen like a normal notification. If you want genuine tips and tricks to maximize your iPhone 12 5G, you should first start by reverting to the old incoming call alert. To do this, you need to go Settings > Phone > Incoming Calls and select Full Screen.

#3. Tweak your home screen

On iPhone 12, you can declutter your home screen. You no longer need to search through all your apps to find the one that you need. Instead, you can hide the ones that you do not need in a side panel. This leaves more room for useful widgets.

#4. Disable 5G if you do not need it

5G will drain your battery much faster than 4G. The iPhone 12 can swap between those two networks but you will notice that 5G coverage is very poor in most areas. What you can do is just disable it since 4G should be enough. Until 5G coverage improves, it is not worth wasting battery for inconsistent network conditions.

#5. Unlocking the iPhone 12 the easy way

Wearing a mask certainly does not help when you want to unlock your phone. One of the best tips and tricks to maximize your iPhone 12 is to use the Unlock with Apple Watch feature. Instead of having to type your passcode when you are wearing a mask, you can unlock the phone instantly with the Apple Watch. This is a relatively new feature and many may not even know about it yet. It can be found in the Settings app in the Face ID & Passcode option. There should be an option to Unlock with Apple Watch right at the bottom.