Ever since the introduction of electric bikes, their popularity has steadily increased with more people making the switch from the traditional bikes to e-bikes. They are a convenient option that makes biking easier and more fun. But if you’ve never tried using an e-bike before, you might be wondering what all the rage about them is and if at all going electric is worth it. The following post compares electric vs non-electric bikes as far as their individual pros and cons are concerned.

Electric Bikes

The main feature that differentiates an electric bicycle from the regular bikes is that it comes with an electric motor which assists you to power the bike when you start pedaling.


• Electric bikes tend to make the riding experience more fun and less stressful than regular bikes. Since you don’t have to pedal as much, they are less hard on your knees and joints.

• They provide you with an easier time when riding uphill or when you are riding against a strong headwind.

• They have a more upright seating position which limits the amount of back and neck pain after a ride. You also have a better perspective to look out for obstacles and cars while riding.

• They are also more secure than regular bikes since they are heavier and can prove a challenge to move around manually. Most models also need a key to operate.

• With all the electric assistance you are getting, this also means you’ll be able to move around faster without getting fatigued easily.


• They are quite heavy and this means you won’t enjoy pushing it when it breaks down during a ride. This can also be limiting when it comes to storage inside your home.

• These bikes are relatively more expensive than a standard non-electric bike, meaning that they require a higher initial investment to own.

• It’s also expensive to replace the batteries when they finally wear out.

• Because of their heavy build, electric bikes are more vulnerable to flat tires, which provide a tougher challenge to replace. The controllers and motors also cost more to fix compared to regular bikes.

• They undermine the aspect of bicycles as exercising tools, which has for long been the case.

• If anything goes wrong with the electric parts, you will need to find an e-bike specialist to fix them.

Regular Bikes


• They are lighter and easier to carry around, meaning you can comfortably store them upstairs.

• They can be used as convenient exercising tools if you are trying to get back in shape.

• You can find a decent regular at a far much lower price than any electric bike.

• They are a better option than e-bikes in rugged terrain where you need to be more agile on your bike, with possible stints of carrying the bike.


• Riding a regular bike for long periods can easily take a toll on your knees and joints.

• They can be tough to manage when you are riding against a strong wind or climbing a steep hill.

• They have a less upright seating position which can cause your neck and back pain.

• Their light weight makes them more susceptible to theft.